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I use these scopes on my personal rifles.

The stock is a Boyd's limited edition target / tactical hardwood stock featuring one of the best Anshutz grips I have felt in many years, textured finish, 1/2" rubber pad and 3 studs. All the "elements" came together on this rifle.

The trigger pulls at slightly over 2 1/2 lbs and is very smooth and crisp. It has a "two-stage" feel and is perfect for the finger-on-trigger style of shooting that we varmint hunters employ.

I call these "New-Old School" because they blend the very best in modern parts and technology with that "old school" look of the octagon barrel. This series that I designed and have been building since 2005 has become my most requested build.

This full custom "Theme Rifle" was designed to be totally unique, accurate and just plain fun.

For this project I took a standard Ruger hardwood stock & enlarged the barrel channel to accomodate a .920 barrel. Mel Barboza of MI covered the stock with several varieties of Rattlesnake skins (Western Diamondback and Timber) along with some Python accents. I then added an extended butt pad and swivel studs. With normal use it will outlast are nelly and rihanna dating the rifle.

For the barreled action I used: match threaded barrel by Whistle Pig with stainless steel JP Enterprises brake; new series Ruger receiver; custom one-off "diamond prism" match bolt assembly by Heier and Chuck of Red Mist Maker; custom Heier/Red Mist logo bolt handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen, Tactical Solutions and Ballistic Specialties parts; raised billet scope base from Power Custom; billet combat rings; Mueller APV target scope (4.5-14x40AO).

Thanks for your support Eric and enjoy one of the most unique "theme" rifles to date.

This full custom target/varmint rifle was made using numerous "one-off" features.

The stock is a fully custom hand fitted and finished Richard's Micro-Fit with 10 coats of hand rubbed Tru-Oil. The barrel is a Whistle Pig match aluminum threaded one with flutes.

The custom weighted comp (fake suppressor) AND a custom muzzle brake are from Mike at AlumaliteUSA. The receiver asian and american dating edicate is the new 2011 Ruger smooth finish item. The match bolt is jeweled and has a custom Heier/Red Mist large knurled billet logo bolt handle. The Heier Super-Match trigger assembly features Volquartsen match internals, Ballistic Specialties billet trigger, Heier/TSL billet lever magazine release and automatic bolt release. A Power Custom raised billet scope base gets the scope into proper "heads-up" position; A Tru-Glo 6-24X44AO target scope are anya and pasha dating with fine X-hairs and shade is used. This scope is paralax adjustable from 15 yards and is perfect for very small targets.

The comp was designed to mimic the real silencer that has been ordered for this weapon. It gives him the look and feel of the real one so that he can shoot and enjoy the rifle while he waits for the Feds to process his paperwork.

I built this rifle for Larry Stephenson of Livingston, MT. Larry is the longtime state treasurer for the Friends of The NRA and had been unsuccessful at winning one of the numerous raffle rifles I have made for the "Friends" over the years. This year he decided to have one built and with his wife's blessing and support got it for his/her anniversary.

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