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Aquarius women dating aquarius man

So dont get hooked into believing women will magically aries women dating a virgo man contact you if you dont have good photos, a decent bio and filtering system.

If theres a pretty girl who is in contact with you, I guarantee shes in contact with at least 10 other guys, all asking her out on a date.

So get your shit together and realise this is a game you must play.

Why? Seriously, women take pictures of themselves all the time.

With friends on nights out, at college, with their parents, on holidays, random selfies etc.

When you take that many shots, you start to get an idea of how to look good, even though you dont look THAT good in real life.

There will be multiple women who just want to waste your time.

They all have their reasons, but here are the most common:

  • Boredom: Women like to feel entertained by men and what better way to do that than using a dating profile to make the day go faster whilst at work.
  • Attention: Women get insecure and like to feel validated. The best way to do this is by having hundreds of men tell you how beautiful you are and how they want to buy you thinks or have sex with you.

  • Friend seekers: This girl just wants to find friends because shes lonely and bored. Indicators are long thought out messages and quick responses.
  • Goody-goody: She wants to find The One. Indicators include saying she just wants to armenian women for dating be friends, is religious and doesnt like talking about sex.
  • Serial daters: They just love dating and have been on hundreds of dates. Unfortunately, you may have to meet this girl before ditching her. She will say things like Ive used online dating before.

You have dozens of men all vying for your attention multiple times throughout the day.

There are so many hours and only so much interest before she gets tired of replying if you dont offer her the value she seeks.

This is why you need to apply my techniques below to hook her in…

Proven dating techniques you should use on the best dating sites above.

Below are my tried and tested techniques for getting your dating profile noticed and getting dates in several hours. Yes seriously.

Once you apply these techniques, you will see a stream of prospective women lining up to date you.

#1: Dont use selfies: Selfies are for teenagers and insta-whores. They make you look retarded, stop it.

#2: Get one good headshot: Its not recommended to have more than one headshot.

Heres how to take a great one.

#3: Half body shots are the key: This study shows you that full body shots suck, so fill your profile with half body shots if you can.

#4: Test your profile photos: Use this awesome tool to get feedback on your photos.


#5: Dont wear sunglasses: Unless youre on a beach with a shot of you showing off your six pack.

Women want to see your eyes, it helps with likability and trust.

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