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I prefer partying at home with some wine and a good book than be out clubbing/dancing.

Also, I am pretty much an introvert, but I do love hanging out occasionally with my closest friends.

A pretty interesting person to be around if you appreciate trivia about anything arab friends dating sites and everything in the universe (like, an albatross can fly while it is sleeping!), quite goofy, usually pottering around in my small garden, trying to fix things up, figure out logical answers to questions like “Will the universe start compressing once it reaches it’s limit?”, or lying on the sofa with Kim watching T.V and eating garlic bread.

I just like to sit quietly in my room with a copy of Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy and a glass of wine, arab brows for dating love or flip channels on T.V.

I am pretty quiet on my off days and prefer to be left to my own devices. But these days are rare.

Learning new languages. And I already know English, Marathi, French and Hindi.)

Someone who is interested in science and astronomy, who is cheerful and optimistic, and generally a quiet person who can have conversations but does not consider talking the sole purpose of life, who is also curious about things, has a love of languages, and who has a sense of individuality.

This is a person who knows what they want. Education is sited, but not done in a boasting manner. Interests are well laid out and the writer simply lays out their likes and dislikes. A profile such as this is very attractive to the person really looking to settle down with someone. They expressed openness to trying new things, but the need for alone time.

Originally from Australia, Ive been living in the U.S. I travel a lotfor my job as a journalist, and also just because I love the surprise of the unknown. I love to learn about new places, people and cultures.

Im the father of a grown son who is off at college. Wow, that sounds new age, but Im very down to earth I like to read a lot and keep up with many thingspolitics, social issues, culture, travels, people.

I especially value humor, being able to laugh at yourself, being able to communicate, culture in general, social issues, staying healthy, and the freedom to think out of the box.

I also like Woody Allen films, swimming, hearing peoples stories, and simply talking with people.

Im looking for a companionsomeone with her own life, with a strong personality, yet also able to make the compromises that life sometimes requires. Someone who isnt too thin and who is able to laugh at herself. No smokers, please.

This profile shows a well-rounded individual who is in touch with nature. He clearly stated his likes and that he values humor.

He states what he is looking for in a mate in a clear and precise manner and he also states a few attributes that he finds attractive in a woman and that he does not like smokers. It is important to be honest enough in your profile to tell someone a very strong dislike of something; much like this man did when he stated that he prefers a non-smoker.

It is important to be open and honest with your profile, but not honest to the degree that people will be less than thrilled to contact you.

Your online profile is unique to you and no one can tell you exactly what you should say. These are merely examples of some good and bad online profiles.

With so many people in the world today, there is truly someone out there for everyone. You just have to have the bravery to find your perfect someone.

Lisa Hoehn, founder of Profile Polish Courtesy of Lisa Hoehn Online dating can be tough. With thousands of profiles scattered across a bunch of different platforms, you've got to stand out to be successful.

That's why Lisa Hoehn started Profile Polish, a one-woman business that makes over online dating profiles to attract more matches.

Hoehn had had plenty of experience with online dating and had helped friends redo their profiles in the past.

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