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So if you are intelligent, and a positive/happy person, and enjoy travel, then we’d probably be a great match!”

There are lots of conflicting areas in this profile. Although he says he can be outgoing and adventure seeking I get the impression he arab dating for casual sex sites doesnt actually do much outside.

My ideal first date could just as well be at home with a TV dinner, or out and about exploring, whatever you’d prefer

So his sense of adventure extends from being at home with a TV dinner to exploring, or why not leave it up to the date to decide. The guy doesn’t seem to have a firm opinion of what he wants here…a big no no with women, he needs to take the lead.

I like to plan ahead and consider myself ambitious. I would like to own my own place sometime this year but that depends on my work situation .

Owning your own place counts more of a necessity than an ambition…is he still living with mom, or living in a trailer. Also there seems to be some arab friends dating sites issue with work…which in itself is not a bad thing as millions of others are out of work, but there is no need to bring it in here – remember women like to go for someone with security who can provide for them in future, its just a negative which is best left out.

This is too vague, boring and pointless. Better if it was spiced up with something like;

Did you ever see those Japanese robots that can clean floors. Well one of my ambitions is to design a robot application to do the full housework regime…cooking, cleaning, dishes, put the trash out..if youve got any suggestions Id love to arab dating sites hear them, so I can include them in my proposal before I submit it to Bill Gates!

He mentions that he is clean living but what does this mean? Does that include alcohol because he mentions visiting beer halls during a trip where he spoke at a seminar, and would also like to stop off at a vineyard in France – more conflicting information.

The last line is ok except he forgot the call to action, essential in all the best online dating profile examples.

“If you are intelligent, happy and arabian dating sites love to travel, we could be a great match, drop me a line”

Weird things happen to me; nothing that you should be afraid of, just realize that if we get together, youre in for a wild ride.

Ive driven a go-cart for six laps with the back of the car in flames. My VW has broken down in front of dozens of honking customers in the drive-thru lane at McDonald’s on many occasions.

I spent my days getting press coverage for people in the film industry, but the truth is, Id rather be making my own headlines as a writer.

My ultimate goal is to move to LA write comedy, but it wont be easy to leave my family behind because they are my anchor and the paradigm of everything that I aspire to be.

I love staying up late whether its to party or just to read a good book but I almost always sleep in on the weekends. I definitely have an adventurous streak whether its trying out an exotic recipe, running the dogs, or travelling the world. Oh my dream trip has got to be travelling the orient express from Paris to Venice to Budapest, and then relaxing on some remote Greek island You In?

My idea of a first date is simple really. After already having gelled on the phone I, as you open your door and even before our eyes meet, I kiss you, whisk you off your feet into my arms (before you faint), put you over my shoulder and escort you to my Ferrari. (Note to oneself: Dont you DARE try this some fantasies are best left as fantasies).

So anyway to wrap this short intro up, my idea of the perfect relationship would be consummate companionship, exceptional generosity and an unrestrained love which will provide the base for a long-term relationship…any questions welcome

This essay screams out fun with a capital F!

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