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I cant figure out whyperhaps it has something to do with light-bulb changing? Therefore no woman under 6 feet need apply.

Finally, if youre the girl-next-door type, please tell me what exactly who youre next door to.

Sadly a great many men make laundry lists of what they want in a mate. Laundry lists are for the Laundromat but not as enticement for dating.

The classic apology that never belongs in any profile description contains the infamous words

Every one of these phrases begs the question, why bother to go online if you cant get over the newbie factor?

Even if finding a mate who is taller than 6 feet weighs less than 170 pounds, has blue eyes and super sexy only makes you appear cranky and spoiled. Funny how email negativity is stronger than in-person verbal negativity, so give this a wide berth. He could have easily rewritten:

Since I am 6 feet 6 inches tall I would love being out with a woman who is also tall and who is able to wear high heels without causing any height inferior complexes

Therefore key things to remember from this dating profile example are…

  • Dont write your profile arabic dating on line to be a list of what you NEED and WANT.
  • Write a profile which is a subtle advertisement of who you are.
  • Make your profile ad sufficiently clear in a positive way so that inappropriate prospects will realize theyre not a match for you before making contact.

I’m a very upbeat person but tend to be a bit cautious when I first meet or contact someone. But at the right time I can be more outgoing and adventure seeking.

I love music, painting, PC programming, and arabella stuart portait dating 1610 travelling. I once attended Munich in Germany to speak at a seminar. This gave me a chance to explore the city and I experienced things like the Marien Square, Olympic Stadium and the Beer Halls.

I am continually working on IT projects and constructing new software. One of my ambitions is to design robot applications.

My ideal first date could just as well be at home with a TV dinner, or out and about exploring, whatever you’d prefer. Or we could just let the weather decide…hope its snowing…ha ha.

I like to plan ahead and consider myself ambitious. I would like to own my own place sometime this year but that depends on my work situation. Travel the world, yes thats another one, RV down the south of France and stop off on a couple of vineyards.

I’m looking a long term relationship.

So if you arts crafts singles dating are intelligent, and a positive/happy person, and enjoy travel, then we’d probably be a great match!”

There are lots of conflicting areas in this profile.

Although he says he can be outgoing and adventure seeking I get the impression he doesnt actually do much outside.

My ideal first date could just as well be at home with a TV dinner, or out and about exploring, whatever you’d prefer

So his sense of adventure extends from being at home with a TV dinner to exploring, or why not leave it up to the date to decide. The guy doesn’t seem to have a firm opinion of what he wants here…a big no no with women, he needs to take the lead.

I like to plan ahead and consider myself ambitious. I would like to own my own place sometime this year but that depends on my work situation .

Owning your own place counts more of a necessity than an ambition…is he still living with mom, or living in a trailer. Also there seems to be some issue with work…;which in itself is not a bad thing as millions of others are out of work, but there is no need to bring it in here – remember women like to go for someone with security who can provide for them in future, its just a negative which is best left out.

This is too vague, boring and pointless.

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