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Many dating websites make you pay to view user photos and send messages. Upgrades are available if you want to use the apps extra features, but for the most part a free account is all you need.

Online dating can be scary because its hard to be sure if the person youve matched with is really the person they say they are.

Thankfully, many online services provide tips for staying safe in the online dating world, like meeting in a public place and not giving out too much personal information. Some websites also offer verification to put your mind at area dating ease by connecting other social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook, to a persons online dating account. That way you can at least be assured that person has some other online presence. No matter what, use common sense and try to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable situations both online and when planning an in-person meetup.

Online dating can… for some men… SUCK. If you are one of those men, you are about to discover the top 10 best dating sites for men AND how to get more dates with my proven methods.

When it comes to online dating, men clearly have a large disadvantage.

They have to send more messages, work harder on their profile pictures, craft award-winning bios and live with the fact that most dating sites have more men than women.

In a recent study conducted by Out of all the messages men sent to women (same age) only 4% of those women replied.

Why? Well, because it means that men are doing something VERY wrong with their dating profiles to cause such a low response rate.

That also means that if you use EVERY strategy Im going to teach you below… you will be ahead of at least 95% of the guys using online dating right now.

NOTE: If you prefer the raunchier side of dating, then you should take a look at our top adult dating sites.

With over 38 million single people actively using their Zoosk accounts, its no wonder this site is a haven for single fellas. It has a super slick app for both the Android and iPhone, plus the ideal age is between 20 and 40. No asian and american dating edicate oldies on this one!

Best for well educated single folks looking to date other brain boxes.

Are you only attracted to smarter well-educated women? They have more than 13 million people between 25 and 50, all from a cultivated and educated background. All profiles are MANUALLY vetted.

Probably the most well known and trusted dating site online Id say, both in the US and UK. It boasts the highest success rate for matching singles and has more than 96 million of them… What? The ideal age is 25-50, so a wider range if you argentina dating information like dating up or down.

With a highly sophisticated matching system, eHarmony has made a name for itself by using science-backed questions to find you a suitable date or even life partner. It does tend to attract slightly older people (30 to 50) than the other more trendy dating sites. But it does have a proven track record.

If you dont like the pressure of dating, then Dating Direct might be a better fit for you. Once you sign up, youll get a new partner suggestion every day and these arent bots either, they are real manually verified human women… whooop! Ages range from 25 to 50.

Are you a self-confessed flirter thats just too busy?

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Site singles flock to for their first online dating trial run could be exactly what you need to break out of your weekly routine 0.

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