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But apart from all these work, Internet has also started playing an essential role in planning and executing our love life.

We are depending on the power of internet not only for our professions and jobs, but also for our relationships. With internet we stay connected with our loved ones. Because of boom in the internet sector, dating has also become digital. Thousands of dating websites are now available on the internet which helps in finding the correct date as per the requirement of the client/user.

With online dating website, one can connect with any person around the globe without the restrictions of geographical locations. Here, we are providing the 10 most popular dating websites which will help in taking your love life forward. Lets take a look at them:

It was started in 2002 by Dustin Weirich in U.S. It is a 100% free dating site which offers great features to its users. It is the most popular site because of its no cost feature.

The site offers great services like blog for every member, date ideas, chat services, forums, friends system, customizations of profile and many more features without any cost. Though the services are free, still the quality of its services are better than most of the paid websites.

It has estimated 3 million visitors per month.

Is an American online dating website launched in 2004. It is a friendship, dating and social networking site. It offers different modes of communication like instant messages and emails. It was once listed in time Magazines top 10 dating websites.

It claims to have more than 3.5 million active users. It uses the data filled by the clients to produce more productive and accurate results. OkCupid is at 753 rank in eBizMBA ranking, 350 in compete rank and 3,189 Alexa rank.

A website which truly understand the need of 50+ people.

It appreciate the wisdom, power, freedom which comes with time and age, hence it asian and american dating edicate was designed for the people belonging to 50+ of age. Around 3.5 million people visit this site in a month. It gets 1.4 million visits per month and has received 4.4 rating.

As the name suggest, this dating website has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the senior category people. In senior category, it is the most popular dating website with 2.4 million visitors a month. This site offers great opportunity for the older generation to come of their comfort zone, shed inhibitions and find the suitable partners for their rest of life. Overall rating for this site is 3.6 out of 5.

It is the largest dating website designed especially for black people of all backgrounds.

The search capabilities, free trail offers and other features make it very popular and convenient to use. This website helps in finding the dating and lifelong partner within the particular ethnicity.

It has been the largest dating website for the African-American singles. Its users consist of female with 53% and men with 47% ratio.

Its match-system works on various criteria like age, profile, zip etc. It is the largest and easiest website designed especially for the heterosexual singles belonging to Christian community. Its a great website for the people who want to date and find a lifelong partner from their own religious community.

It has a large following with more than 2.4 million monthly visitors. It has 4.4 ratings.

This website is responsible for 4% of marriages in America.

The website finds the suitable partners for its clients after they fill up the comprehensive personality test. Its compatibility-based matching system is ideal for finding the lifelong partner. The site gets more than arguments against online dating 4.1 million monthly visitors. eHarmony has received different ratings: 1278 in eBizMBA, 401 in Quantcast Rank and 417 in Alexa Rank.

It was started in 2007 in California, US by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr. The website is available in more than 80 countries in asian american single dating sites 25 languages. It uses algorithmic recommendations technology to produce the accurate matches for its users. Zoosk offers Photo verification service which prevents the users to upload older pictures and thus accept only the current images of the client. It verifies the current images with the help of selfie option where the client has to upload their selfie. Zoosk is available on android, iOS app and desktops/laptops.

It had a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in overall features like value for money, safety, ease of use, popularity etc.

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