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Though this company might seem like a sleazy startup, it has actually been in business since 2001 and has even attempted to run an expensive Super Bowl commercial. The company claims to have 100 million members.

It’s hard to believe eHarmony isn’t #1 on our list, since it’s the most famous site of the bunch and it has a rather ingenious concept. Rather than searching for your ideal mate, you can simply allow the experts to work their magic and provide you with the most compatible partner—as in a real, long lasting relationship. In fact its best feature is also its flaw: you cannot search members.

You must simply accept the matches the company gives you. Fortunately, eHarmony has had many success stories, demonstrating the veracity of its methods.

Mate1 has a great concept in online dating. This site allows you to chat with crushes online and makes use of a variety of other features. However, the most interesting aspect of Mate1 is the “online ambassador” that can chat with new members and encourage them to take action and mingle with the singles crowd. Another advantage of this site is that women get in for free and with over one million members counting, you can be sure that some of these members are the real deal.

Like eHarmony, takes a scientific approach to its matchmaking, bragging of a doctor-created system that matches people based on shared interests, personality compatibility and other test-based results. Although Chemistry does offer more freedom of search, it can still be a wait to actually correspond with people who complete the very long and elaborate test. Ultimately however, the search options are not as free as, say, In fact, waiting for compatibility may prove to be expensive. Still, if you have been burned by online dating before, this is sure to be the best tool for finding someone you actually have things in common with… is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and that is its greatest feature—its huge database of members. has 20 million members and offers a larger database than probably any other site online. That means that you are sure to find a wide variety of partners, and that’s a plus if you have specific tastes. You can search by location, interest, and match-based criteria (though it’s far less comprehensive than Chemistry or eHarmony).

Matchmaker is not the most popular Internet site, but it deserves credit as the longest standing dating service to date. It has been in business since before the Internet went public, since the year 1986. It gained popularity as a dial up BBS and eventually became a fully fledged Internet site. The matchmaking is far less scientific than other options, but the process is still fairly complex, since members have to fill out questionnaires and share details about their hobbies. The matches are ranked according to a percentage of compatibility.

This is the misfit of the bunch, but still somehow a less threatening place than Ashley Madison since all users are consenting adults (though the site certainly does not stop are ochocinco and cheryl burke dating users from cheating). However, more emphasis is placed on consenting adults, given options to look for local swingers, email-chat friends, group partners, or even BDSM masters and slaves. There’s something for everyone at AFF, and it remains the largest site of this type of niche.

Zoosk is a dating site that has a huge number of members, solely because of its connection with Facebook.

Zoosk does have a lighthearted ambiance to it and makes connecting, flirting and dating very easy, although it is not a free site like Plenty of Fish. Still, if you are using Facebook and want to smoothly transition into a date conversation, Zoosk is your best bet.

Consider that Facebook (along with Craigslist, Omegle and Chat Roulette) are arguably more popular than commercial dating sites. While these sites are not listed as dating sites, it’s hard to deny that people use these free resources to find dates, whether surfing Craigslist easy sex ads, or flirting with friends of friends on the ubiquitous Facebook. Omegle and Chat are cheryl chad dating Roulette are also interesting options, as they allow users to randomly chat with singles via text or webcam. All for free!

Suddenly, commercial dating sites are getting nervous.

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