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One of the most interesting features of this website is related to the age of its users. This website is designed especially for people who are mature and looking for a long term relationship such as marriage or companionship. The match feature of this website helps you find your perfect match based on the information you entered. It has more than 3.5 million monthly users and its membership is available in different packages which can be monthly or one time submission depending on the convenience of users.

So if your age is more than 50, this website will surely find you your partner.

As the name of the website explains, the main purpose of this website was to facilitate the Christian community who were looking to find their life partners.

This website started in 1996 and at this moment, it has more than 5.5 worldwide users. It has a dating algorithm for which you only have to answer a few questions about yourself and the most suitable matches instantly start to appear.

Its compete rank is 666 while quantcast rank is 521.

For Christian users, this website surely is their ticket.

Being established in 2006, this website has also made its inclusion in the top 10 list with more than 6 million monthly users and are kristin and justin still dating compete and quantcast ranks of 2,781 and 3,447 respectively. This website is also included in the social websites list in are matt and shayne still dating which people focus mainly on finding new friends rather than finding their life partners. Its service prices are variable and may vary from country to country.

This website was established in 2000 in more than 150 countries all over the world and it has more than 7.1 million unique monthly users. An interesting feature about this website is that it was started by a psychologist who had done a comprehensive research in finding to solution to the problem, what makes couples and marriages successful or failure. According to eBizMBA, this website has compete rank of 350 and the quantcast rank of 295.

okCupid is another free websites in the list which is considered one of the best dating websites of all times. No surprises as this website has more than a hundred thousand monthly users from all over the world. Members interact with each other by asking different questions which other members answer. This website also has a specific algorithm to find the best possible match for its users.

Another interesting website in this list is zoosk which are sabrina and mark dating was developed by a few graduate students studying in the University of Maryland.

The basic idea behind it was to develop a social website but it developed into a dating website with time. Having compete rank of 131 and quantcast rank of 818, it has more than 11.5 million monthly users which is the basic reason why it is included in the top three. This website offers free as well as paid service to its customers depending upon the type of package chosen. So if you are looking to find your best match and do not want to spend your money, Zoosk is the best option.

This website was started in 2003 and today, it is the 2 nd best dating websites in the world with an astonishing 32 million users. An interesting feature about this website is the PoF which is known as the Relationship Chemistry Predictor in which the users are asked are lee dewyze and crystal dating several questions about their personality which helps in finding the most acceptable companion for their lives. The popularity of this website can be realized from the fact that it has been one of the best dating websites consistently for the past 7 to 8 years.

The website which tops our list in this regard is the 35 million users visit this website monthly which clearly justifies its position.

Its compete rank is 112 while the quantcast rank is 50.

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