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And, while eating with your are tikal and shadow dating hands may be acceptable at certain restaurants, licking your hands is never permitted. Contrary to what you may have heard, nothing merits being called “finger-lickin’-good” on the first date.

Last but not least, never attempt the long reach on a first date. If you need something on the opposite end of the table, simply ask your date, who will be more than happy to oblige. Leaning over the table is not only awkward, but it is the leading cause of food-related accidents and high dry-cleaning bills.

We don’t blame you one bit for being a little squeamish about this phase of the dining experience. The question of money never fails to bring out the worst in people, but try as you might, there’s no avoiding it on a date. Most people have a hard time gauging when a person truly wants to pay his or her way or if he or she is merely being polite. So here’s the drill: If you asked your date out, footing the bill is your responsibility. Should your date decide to chip in, refuse the offer twice. If your date persists, suggest that he or she only pay for the tip or split the bill. If your date continues in his or her attempts to cover all costs, now is the time to acquiesce.

There are those dates that you wish would never end, and then there are the others. Whichever category your date happens to fall into, a polite exit is a must. That’s right, this is not the time to tell your date what you really think of them. Neither is it acceptable to sneak out during the movie or jump into the first available cab as your stunned companion helplessly looks on. And even if you’re trying for a happy ending, calling out “Hey! No fair!” when your date gives you the cheek or the pat on the back is also out of bounds. Following our suggestions should make all your good-byes that much sweeter.

There’s nothing tougher than deciding whether your date wants to finish the date by saying good-bye in your car or be escorted to her door. When in doubt, the best thing to do is to simply ask.

If you’re really anxious to leave, however, you may be able to get away with simply making sure your date gets in her house or apartment safely. Tell her that you’ll watch from the are sammi and ronnie really dating car to make sure she gets in all right. She’ll appreciate the effort even if the date didn’t go that well.

One thing you should never do is to drop off your date and burn rubber as soon as her feet hit the pavement. Even if you absolutely despised your date, there are better ways of handling the situation.

The after-date smooch has to be one of the event’s most awkward moments. Unless you’ve already snuck some loving in during the date itself, the romantic ice between you may not yet be broken. When deciding when to kiss someone for the first time, you will have to first decide how you feel about him or her and then try to determine whether or not he or she would be receptive to your advances.

Even if you had a very unsatisfying date with little or no chemistry, some people will want to end things politely by telling their date that they will call later.

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