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The Rock, Bruno Mars, Marcus Mariota (current QB with the Tennessee Titans), and the movie Moana are our pride and joy and shall always be respected. BONUS: If you didn’t already know the Moana soundtrack by heart, rest assured that you will now.

There is no such thing as too many bikinis. Conversational suggestions: tell her she looks great, maybe suggest a next possible color choice, or even get her that new one she has had her eye on (this would be serious boyfriend material). But in Hawai’i, there’s no limit on bikinis owned. End of discussion.

If you’re just visiting or new to the island, you might be surprised that we have some of the worst traffic in the nation.

On the island of O’ahu, going on the H-1 any time after 4pm for someone is a sign of true love. And if she gets on the H-1 going westbound during rush hour for you, propose to her. Immediately.

Even if you don’t like reggae, you will guaranteed hear some Jawaiian (Hawaiian style reggae) music and inadvertently catch yourself singing along to it. Especially if you’re on any beach in Hawai’i on the weekend when the locals set up their pop-up tents in the sand and barbecue for the day.

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Do not go around saying that you’re seeing a Hawaiian girl unless she’s said that she is Native Hawaiian. Hawai’i is an extremely diverse place with many different races and ethnicities. Referring to everyone from there as Hawaiian when they are not racially Native Hawaiian is incorrect and pushes aside the culture, history and importance are stacy and clinton dating of the original people of these islands.

There is never a dull day in Hawai’i! From epic hikes to unreal surfing to chilling at the beach with a few beers watching the sunset, people in Hawai’i know how to live life to the fullest. She will always be down for something and you should be too!

When the temperatures dip below 75F, it’s chilly in Hawai’i and we will begin putting on our flannels and jeans. You might laugh now, but if you live here long enough you’ll find yourself doing it too. And then we’ll laugh at you for originally laughing at us.

You might already know that aloha means both hello and goodbye, but dating a girl who lives in Hawai’i will teach you that it’s also a way of life. You’ll find yourself living with more love for the people around you (your ohana), having greater respect for the beauty of nature, learning to truly appreciate the present moment and just seeing more of the good in life!

Taking your spouse on a date can sometimes be a challenge with the crazy schedule’s many of us keep today. William Doherty , a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota, emphasizes the importance of making time are joshua and katee dating to date your spouse as his first (of ten) commandments of dating your spouse. Once you have made time to date, the next step is deciding what to do on your date.

My wife and I are very similar in many ways, however, there are some things she enjoys doing that I do not and vice versa.

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