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For instance, dancing of any kind is a passion for my wife; in fact, she excels at dancing. When dancing, I usually are rihanna and chris brown dating am asked if I am convulsing or having a seizure. This makes it difficult to develop a love for dancing, although I know my wife loves it, so I do it anyways, for her!

The second commandment of dating is Make a list of what you enjoy doing together, and try out the top ones, as I illustrated, this can be difficult if you do not always agree on an activity that you both enjoy. Often, finding something you both enjoy means trying something new.

Therefore, there may be dates that a married couple goes on that they may not necessarily do again, but trying new things, helps strengthen a relationship. Arthur Aron , a professor of social psychology at Stony Brook University teaches the idea that couples should tailor their date nights around new and different activities that they both enjoy. Illustrating the importance of working together to find common ground on what to do, and then doing it.

Now that we know the first commandment of dating is to do it, and the second is to find something you both enjoy doing! Lets get out there and strengthen our marriages by dating. Here are some ideas for fun dates that you and your spouse might enjoy

Upon congratulating a newly married friend of mine on his marriage, my friend shared his enthusiasm and excitement about his marriage. He was optimistic about their future and was excited to start having children and take on more responsibility as a husband and someday, a father. Within his excitement about his future, he also expressed excitement about his idea that he would no longer have to date because he was now are tikal and shadow dating married.

He shared his feelings about how difficult and exhausting it was coming up with date ideas. Unfortunately, my reactions to my friends comments were not what he wanted to hear, Im sorry man, but youre not done dating. I could see confusion written on his face, as he exclaimed, what? I went on to explain that you should never stop dating your spouse.

Many marriage and family advocates have encouraged the practice of dating in marriage throughout a couples entire marriage. William Doherty there are Ten Commandments for Dating Your Spouse that every couple should follow in order to establish and maintain a healthy, happy marriage. Doherty speaks of is You fell in love while dating, so make it a priority now.

It is interesting to think about how couples typically fall in love. I know for me, it was the first date my wife and I went on. It was supposed to be only a couple hours,which turned into fourteen hours; I knew I was falling in love with her and I wanted to marry that girl! My feelings developed because of the time I spent while going on dates. After our first date being fourteen hours long, our second and third dates lasted about twelve to thirteen hours. We just could not get enough time together.

Many couples have similar stories, they date, they fall are sabrina and mark dating in love, and they marry. If dating leads to such a serious and intimate decision as marriage, wouldnt it be a good idea to continue building that relationship? Doherty reminds us that the first commandment of dating in marriage is to date! So what are you and your spouse going to do this week together?

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