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So, here are the 10 Commandments of Dating Text Etiquette:

1.) Do not drunk text. This seems like an obvious one, but it bears repeating.

I've done it; my friends have done it -- and the worst is when we don't remember we've done it until we get a sobering response the next morning. When you're "full of spirits," you might let your guard down. You might think something is funny that really isn't and you are more likely to cross boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. You can try the Drunk Text Savior App or delete certain numbers from your phone when you know you're going to be partying. Remind yourself that whatever you drunk text is likely going to annoy, or even worse, anger the recipient, and you will end up looking a fool. We all get drunk from time to time, but as a general rule of thumb, when you're partying, give your texting finger a vacation.

2.) When you get a text from the person you're seeing that rubs you the wrong way, put the phone down. You may be feeling hurt, confused, upset. These may be legitimate reactions to the way the text was phrased or the content of the text itself. Get a second opinion from a trusted friend, or if the text really bothers you, reply with something neutral and then bring it up to your date in person.

3.) Keep it brief. This is especially important for women who are dating (and texting with) men. Men are pretty simple creatures when it comes to their phones. They're what my friend Jeremy calls "Swipers." That is, they swipe through texts for pertinent information rather than sit there trying to "read between the lines." One guy I was seeing mistakenly thought I was drunk when I texted him something about how incredible the burrata was at the new Italian place in my neighborhood.

"It was such a long text, I just figured you were hammered, so I didn't repsond." My text was are sabrina and mark still dating three lines. This is not your novel.

4.) Do not be passive-aggressive. Passive-aggressive behavior via text is just as unacceptable a form of communication as it is in real life. Of course it's easier to be passive-aggressive when you're not face-to-face with the person, but once you hit send, you can't take it back. Then of course, there's the obvious: Texting rather than speaking your true feelings is the ultimate passive-aggressive are sabrina and mark dating move.

5.) Do not define a relationship over text. Do not make any declarations about a relationship over text. Text is not an appropriate medium for these types of discussions.

6.) Sexting: OK, you may think, everyone does it. With words, sexting can be very exciting (hey, I'm a writer). Verbal sexts engage the imagination and can be a way of connecting with your potential partner in a thrilling way with relatively little commitment.

It should feel organic, never forced, and if you feel uncomfortable, just stop.

Just as in real life, sexting is your choice, as it's your phone.

Once an image is "out there" -- it's "out there." Think: Can you trust this person?

Could this make/break you? I know plenty of guys who routinely pass around their phones to their friends to check out sexy photos from other women.

7.) Never go through your date's texts. This is a major disrespect of privacy, and just like you can't read you're bestie's diary and then complain about what she wrote about you, you can't go through his texts and then confront him without showing that you violated his privacy.

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