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If you have suspicions of "inappropriate/incriminating" texts, ask your partner. If you still have suspicions, trust your gut and get rid of the person. Living in a state of distrust is no way to be happy.

8.) Don't fish for compliments. No one wants to read, "How much do you want it?"/ "Didn't you think I looked hot tonight?"/"I have no game with women right now." These types of messages come off as needy and insecure. On the other hand, do offer compliments if you truly mean them. There's nothing insecure about being honest about how much you appreciate something about a person, or something that person did. That's rad!

9.) Instaflirting: You may be familiar with the joke, "How much does a hipster weigh? An Instagram." With the fastest image/text feed of any social network right now, Instagram is quickly becoming a dating site, not just a way to show the world what you ate for lunch. Facebook is a much more comprehensive world; Instagram is all about immediacy, detailing where a person is, what he or she is doing, is wearing, etc. Plus, you can set tags or handles to push immediately to your phone, so it's essentially a tracking device. I once found out that a guy I was seeing was back with his ex-girlfriend when a picture of the two of them eating dinner came up on my feed. This might not be socially acceptable behavior, but with social networks like Instagram infiltrating our daily lives, it would be silly to ignore its implications in our romantic encounters. (And don't forget to follow me at @jddoe!)

10.) Get are taneth and evan still dating rid of texts that hurt you. When you are tanith and evan still dating break up or even after a bad fight, texts are the relics of something that has caused you duress. You need to fill your day with positive affirmations. There's no need, especially when the solution to feeling better is so easy: DELETE.

Some advice outside the realm of my typical travel talk. However, still in line with my “journey”. I have a different philosophy when it comes to dating and relationships. Im not looking for the one because I believe there is value and lessons to be learned from each relationship in whatever capacity for however long it lasts.

Admittedly, this line of thinking does get me into trouble at times. I tend to be a very passionate person, I dont hold back as society typically expects of us. I share my feelings when I feel them, I dont wait for the right time.

This is something were taught never to do, because we believe we give up our power when were honest about our feelings, but what if there is power in honesty?

What if there is a power in being completely authentic no matter how messy?

The right man will recognize and validate your feelings, no matter the circumstances.

Maybe youre not ready or maybe he isnt, but if he cannot value you now, when things are fresh and exciting, when youre the most attractive to him, he will never value you.

Its with this in mind that I share the realness of dating Ive learned over the past year, from a womens perspective in an age of dating when things are vague, confusing and more often than not, lies. Lies to each other and lies to ourselves.

So, lets get real about the commandments of dating as a single women in this day and age.

Men say lots of things, the motives vary.

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