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Right falls under this category, you may want to step back and reevaluate your heart. Things we can't live without are often things we are using to feel good about ourselves. Yes, using.

Maybe it's time to search out your motives and uncover what drives your dating choices. What are the payoffs of the date or the relationship?

Are they healthy?

Let me unpack a bit of the whole idol reality.

We could say, then, that a false god (or idol) is going to be any form of false community or false relationship that somehow numbs our pain of being alone without changing the fact that we are.

The perfect example for guys is pornography. It's not a real relationship at all, but it temporarily feels good and numbs their pain of being alone, even though they are exactly that, utterly alone. We can feel important and loved if we appear beautiful and are admired-even if it's by strangers and even if we are emotionally isolated and autonomous. We eat to feel calm and safe-not because we are, but because it numbs our emotions.

So now ask yourself: "Am I seeking to have an honest, accepting relationship with another fumbling human being?

Or am are steven and chris dating I using the guy in my life to numb my pain and make me feel OK because (a) he desperately needs me, (b) he's very handsome (and thus of great worth, so I must be too), or (c) he's all I could find?"

This may seem very complex or confusing.

Love focuses on the other person's well-being and draws us toward more love and ultimately God Himself. Deep in our guts we know if it's real love.

Addiction-the worship of false gods and the practice of false community-makes us feel needy, insecure, and desperate. If you are in an addictive relationship, chances are that you know it's not a good thing but you're scared to death of being without your fix because the pain of being alone is just too much.

So which is it? The good news is that about 80 percent of the trip back to healthy is acknowledging the problem. God can lead you out of any mess you're in if you choose to get on the same page as reality.

So please, please, please, don't flake out on this one. This could be the most significant realization of your life.

You both deserve nothing but the real thing-that's God's Word, not mine.

This third command is all about taking responsibility for your choices and owning your life. It's all about being honest with yourself and those you date instead of hiding behind excuses?especially God excuses.

So if you feel God leading you to date someone, hey, explore the hard evidence and your Bible. You don't ever want to say "God led me" are viggo and ariadna dating based on a few fuzzy-wuzzy feelings. You are responsible for your choices, and feelings can deceive, romantic feelings especially. Don't use the God-excuse to substantiate your dating choices.

I have way too many girlfriends who are working their tails off trying to "land a man." All this stressing and striving is completely unnecessary.

God has us resting the last day of every week, Saturday-Sabbath-so we can remember that He's the creator, the one who makes stuff happen.

Applied to dating? The gift of love will be given to you just like the gift of life was.

Now, if you find the above tough to swallow, let me unpack one more passage that will get you in line fast. Ephesians 5 spells out how the man is to be the leader in the marital relationship. Now, this doesn't mean that he barks orders and you do dishes; it simply means that in a deeply spiritual, are sabrina and mark still dating emotional, and physical way, he is the pursuer, the initiator, and the protector.

So here's the deal. If you get married by being the pursuer, the initiator, and the wannabe protector of your man, you will start the whole thing out on the wrong foot. Most marital issues I faced as a pastoral counselor had their roots in how the relationship got off the ground.

Looking back from their present crisis, many guys referred to feeling roped into the deal in the first place, even hoodwinked, and now controlled.

Really? Rest assured that if you've found a guy who's willing to play the submissive damsel role, it's probably not a good thing.

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