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Thou shalt be honest. I’m expecting someone not to be a total dick, so why wouldn’t I extend the same courtesy?

Before we even meet, I’ll make it a point to let them know where I am.

It’s not sexy, but I will literally tell them that, hey, I’m fresh out of a long-term relationship and don’;t want anything serious OR anything physical. Plus, I find that if I’m real with them, they’ll probably feel more comfortable being real with me. And real is way more interesting.


Thou shalt not keep it anonymous. This one is so important.

Every time I go to meet, let’s face it, a stranger from the internet, I take a screenshot of their contact information and send it to a friend. Their full name, photo, phone number, address of the date, and expected time home. But I’m not willing to take the risk.

8. Thou shalt have an exit strategy. This is part two of my paranoia. No matter what, even if the person seems like a perfect gentleman, you never know. I’ll either drive or walk to wherever we choose to meet, and even then, I’ll always budget the extra $5-20 for a Lyft home as a backup.

9. Thou shalt not go unarmed. And part three!

Also, because 911 is worse at geolocation than Uber, I’ve taken the liberty of setting myself up with a Smart911 account. I’ve associated my phone number with my name, and my local police can quickly access crucial information in case there’s some sort of emergency.

10. Thou shalt not put pressure on yourself. Every date I go on is like Whose Line – it’s an experiment, and none of it matters. I’m not looking to meet my soulmate or impress anyone.

Maybe you meet the single most amazing human being in the world, or maybe you don’t get along. Worst-case scenario, you probably never have to are sammi and ronnie really dating see them again.

While I haven’t had chemistry with every date, I have yet to meet a single bad person. Every date I’ve gone on has at least had new conversations and experiences in LA that I otherwise wouldn’t have had (for example, Jenga bars are now a thing). My worst was going to LACMA and captioning the art, so even though the conversation wasn’t stellar, it was still a win.

So either the system works, or Tinder has been grossly misrepresented and is actually filled with decent human beings. If that’s the case, someone should tell their marketing department they can change course.

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