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Students’ wallets should be kept out of sight for the duration of the class so that they can focus on their work—not on how they will pay for these increasingly expensive sessions.

Not only should you not solicit goods from students, but you shouldn’t accept them. Because of the imbalance of power between student and teacher, money and clothing or food items all carry implications of coercion that doesn’t exist in most relationships, and teachers should be wary of accepting gifts from students. I’ve at times put a brief statement in my syllabus that teachers at the college level generally don’t accept gifts from students and that the best “gift” students could give a teacher is to study hard.

Another “no brainer,” you would think—however, I have seen teachers set up a class “piggy bank” and “charge” students a quarter every time a language other than English was spoken in class. No matter that students seemed to appreciate the strategy and that the money would go to classroom items at the end of the term—there are just too many negative implications here for actual money to be used in the classroom.

Play money would be more appropriate in this case, with the individual with the most “cash” at the end of the term winning some token prize.

Once a student came to me about being in an emotionally abusive relationship with her American boyfriend. Shocked, I helped and listened to her as much as I could. A large mistake—because when, predictably, her grades began to suffer, she expected me to understand and make concessions because she had confided in me—an ethical dilemma I could have avoided had I stuck with what I’m trained to do, teach English, and referred her to counseling services for her relationship troubles.

Of course we want to help our students—teachers by nature help. There can, however, be a fine line between helping and hurting.

I was once in a class where the instructor was going through a messy divorce—the details of which I knew well by the end of the term. I can recount those details thirty years after the fact--although I don’t remember the course content. Class should be seen as a temporary and intellectual sanctuary from both student and instructor personal problems.

This seems strange as we are trained to be friendly with our students and establish a comfortable class atmosphere. A friendly demeanor is fine, but when the instructors crosses the line and befriends students she may find herself in a situation asexual dating site like that of my colleague “Deborah”: at a club late at night, comforting one sobbing student because the student’s date—Deborah’s other student—had abandoned her. Teachers shouldn’t get into situations are you interested dating service reviews like this. You are not your students’ peer, so don’t cross that line!

Enough on what you can’t do! You can welcome your students with joy every morning, teach them to the best of your ability, never show disrespect even if their behavior might be earning it, and extend that same respect to their families when you meet.

And finally, really what it comes down to is to always grade your student are you dating a player based on their work. If you have avoided establishing a material or personal relationship with your students, you can do that!

Forget fashion conscious, be health conscious. DESIGN: AMNA IQBAL & ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID

In a body-conscious world fixated on size zero women and broad shouldered men, it is no surprise that metropolitan Pakistan feels the influence of the multibillion-dollar industry in celebrity diets, gargantuan protein shakes and expensive exercise machines.

Whether motivated by vanity — maybe dreaming of abs of steel — or health warnings such as lowering one’s cholesterol, the fitness lifestyle industry consists of jogging tracks, health club memberships, country club gyms, workout classes, personal trainers in private gyms and personalised diet plans.

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