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Or that Facebook has also changed the News Feed to encourage high-quality links to be shared?

If a piece of social media news is big enough (such as the launch of Instagram Stories), well usually read about it online on the day itself or the next. Or hear about it from our colleagues and friends.

But if its a tiny update (such as tweaks to the Facebook algorithm, new objectives for Instagram Stories ads, or Pinterest removing its Like button), we might not hear about it until a few days or weeks later. Yet, these tiny changes can be important and can influence our social media strategy.

So how can you keep up-to-date with all the latest and breaking social media news without sacrificing too much of your time?

In this post, we’ll share some tools, tips, and tricks to help you stay up to date with social media news in just 10 minutes a day.

Since we all have different preferences for keeping up with news, well do this Choose Your Own Adventure style. Click on the link that represents you the most to get started. ??

If more than one of the options resonates with you, feel free to check out all those sections.

The major social media platforms announce most of their updates and changes on their newsroom or company blogs.

This is the best method to get official news from the social media companies themselves.

  • Facebook Newsroom: Facebook put their news into several helpful categories.

    You might be most interested in Product News, News Feed FYI, and Measurement FYI.

  • Instagram Business blog: Instagram tends to share business-related news (such as new business features or new ad options) on their business blog.

    While they share a mix of announcements, best practices, and case studies, you can opt to read announcements only.

  • Instagram blog: If you are more interested in new user features (such as archiving posts on your profile and organizing your saved posts), you can find such news on the Instagram blog under the #Instagram News tag.
  • Twitter blog: Twitter writes about top events, insights from their data, new features, and their company on their blog. If you are curious only about changes to the Twitter product itself, check out their product news section.
  • Snap News: Snap Inc. shares mostly product news about Snapchat and Spectacles and occasionally company news on their news page.
  • Snapchat for business blog: Snapchat shares insights and announcements that are relevant to businesses on Snapchat on this blog.
  • Oh, How Pinteresting!: Pinterest shares a mix of new features, Pinterest tips, trends on Pinterest, and company news on their blog. There doesnt seem to be a way to see only their product news.
  • Google+ blog: Google also writes about the improvements and changes they make to Google+ on their Google+ blog, though they seem to have less frequent updates.

This trick is a bit old school, but simple and straightforward.

Star the sites that you are interested in with a bookmark in your browser, and ariadna gil viggo dating organize them into a folder.

Then each day, start your news reading by going to your bookmarks, right-clicking the folder, and opening all the sites at once. Itll look like this:

You dont have to read all the news.

But keep an eye out for headlines that hint something interesting or relevant to you and only dive into those pieces of news.

What I like about reading blogs and news sites like TechCrunch, which are secondary news sources, is that the writers often add their personal opinions to the news story. They share insights such as how to use the new feature, whether there are any secret easter eggs or use cases, and what impact the new feature has on users.

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