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While his blog might not be a news site, he often shares how to use the latest Facebook ads features once the features are available to most people.

The fastest way, Ive found, to stay on top of these news sites and blogs is to use Feedly, an awesome RSS reader. To make things easier for you, Ive set up a shared collection of the sites mentioned above in Feedly. You can follow the collection here to add all those sites into your Feedly reader.

To make scanning for top news easier, I like to set to Title-Only View and Popular + Latest.

From there, you can scan ariadna viggo mortensen dating the headlines for interesting news. Feedly provides a metric for how popular an article is, compared with the other articles on the same site.

If an article is several times more popular, therell be an orange number on the left of the headline. You could use this number to spot popular social media news.

Feedly also has iOS and Android mobile apps so that you can catch up on social media news on the go.

The best thing about getting news on social media is that you could get information about new features that are still being tested and available only to a few people.

Most people with such exclusive information would often tweet about it, making Twitter the best platform for getting breaking social media news.

Herere some amazing people and accounts that share helpful or breaking social media news:

  • Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra): Matt Navarra is the Director of Social Media for The Next Web, and he often tweets about new or beta features on the major social media platforms.
  • Josh Constine (@JoshConstine): Josh Constine is the Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch where he writes in-depth analysis of social products and their new features and tweets about them.
  • Jon Loomer (@jonloomer): Jon Loomer writes a blog for advanced Facebook marketers and regularly tweets Facebook and Instagram news.
  • Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover): Ryan Hoover, as the Founder of Product Hunt, is always on top of new products and features. While he tweets about all sorts of products, he is a great source for new social media products or features.
  • Mari Smith (Facebook Page): Mari Smith, perhaps the most well-known Facebook marketer, often gets early access to new Facebook features, which she shares with her fans.
  • Official Twitter accounts of social media platforms (@facebook or its Facebook Page, @instagram or @instagramforbusiness on Instagram, @Snapchat, @pinterestforbiz, and @LinkedIn): While all of them post a mix of news and tips, they are a great source for updates on their platform.

Im sure Im missing many great people in this list. Who do you follow for social media news, especially for Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+? Itll be great to hear from you in the comments.

A fast way to keep up with social media news from the accounts mentioned above is to use a Twitter list. For your convenience, Ive added those Twitter accounts into this list: Social Media News.

If you want to keep up with several Twitter lists quickly, TweetDeck is a great tool for that. Every morning (or whenever you want to check for social media news), open TweetDeck and scroll through your Twitter lists.

I imagine you like to check your inbox in the morning and catch up on all the things before you start work? Sometimes, Im like that, too!

A trick to quickly catch up on social media news through emails is to subscribe to top social media news newsletters.

The advantage of subscribing to newsletters is that the creators of the newsletters often do the job of reading many social media news for you and send you the top few they think you should know.

Here are some social media news newsletters that you can subscribe to:

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