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In this newsletter, they cover a range of social media marketing news, including a section on platform news.

  • Nuzzel: Nuzzel is a unique newsletter. It scans through the things your friends shared on Facebook and Twitter and emails you the top three stories. A hack we do is to create a fake Twitter account, follow just the accounts that we want to monitor (such as accounts in our Social Media News Twitter list), then connect Nuzzel to this account. This way Nuzzel will recommend stories only from those accounts.

    Top social media news from social media in your inbox!

  • Most social media news newsletters already do a great job in curating the top news for you so that you can quickly go through them within 10 minutes.

    If you want to go a step further (and if you are comfortable with having your purchase data collected and used anonymously), is a free email tool that allows you to combine your favorite email subscriptions into a single daily digest.

    From my research, there don’t seem to be many social media podcasts or shows that mainly discuss the latest social media news.

    The best I found is the Social Media Marketing Talk Show by Social Media Examiner. It is a weekly live video talk show where the Social Media Examiner team and guest experts discuss the latest social media news from the past week. The talk shows are usually about an hour long (or about 10-ish minutes a day for five days ?).

    (Shameless plug alert!

    In our weekly The Science of Social Media podcast, we sometimes also discuss the latest social media news and trends in our mini-episodes that are about 10-minute long.)

    Do you know of any podcasts or shows that also cover breaking social media news? If you could share them in the comments section below, that’ll be great!

    The Social Media Marketing Talk Shows are recorded, and you can catch the replays here. You could either watch about 10 minutes of the show every day or save up your daily 10 minutes from Mondays to Thursdays and spend about an ariadna and viggo mortensen dating hour watching the show live on Fridays.

    One great thing about watching the recordings is that you can speed up the video. The option is at the lower-right corner of the video player.

    With the social media landscape evolving so quickly, there are a lot of new features and trends to keep up with. But in just 10 minutes a day, you can stay on top of all the social media news.

    How have you been keeping up with social media news? We would love to hear your strategies and tips!

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