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If you need UTC, then subsequently call .utc() , as in:

You can create a Moment with a pre-existing native Javascript Date object.

This clones the Date object; further changes to the Date won't affect the Moment , and vice-versa.

You can create a moment with an array of numbers that mirror the parameters passed to new Date()

Any value past the year is optional, and will default to the lowest possible number.

Construction with an array will create a date in the current time zone. To create a date from an array at UTC, use moment.utc(Number[]) .

Note: Because this mirrors the native Date parameters, months, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds are all zero indexed.

Years and days of the month are 1 indexed.

This is often the cause of frustration, especially with months, so take note!

If the date represented by the array does not exist, moment#isValid will return false.

Microsoft Web API returns JSON dates in proper ISO-8601 format by default, but older ASP.NET technologies may return dates in JSON as /Date(1198908717056)/ or /Date(1198908717056-0700)/

If a string that matches this format is passed in, it will be parsed correctly.

All moments are mutable.

If you want a clone of a moment, you can do so implicitly or explicitly.

If you want to parse or display a moment in UTC, you can use moment.utc() instead of moment() .

While in UTC mode, all display methods will display in UTC time instead of local time.

Additionally, while in UTC mode, all getters and setters will internally use the Date#getUTC* and Date#setUTC* methods instead of the Date#get* and Date#set* methods.

It is important to note that though the displays differ above, they are both the same moment in time.

Any moment created with moment.utc() will arianeb dating simulator walkthroughs be in UTC mode, and any moment created with moment() will not.

Moment's string parsing functions like moment(string) and moment.utc(string) accept offset information if provided, but convert the resulting Moment object to local or UTC time. In contrast, moment.parseZone() parses the string but keeps the resulting Moment object in a fixed-offset timezone with the provided offset in the string.

moment.parseZone is equivalent to parsing the string and using moment#utcOffset to parse the zone.

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Moment applies stricter initialization rules than the Date constructor.

You can check whether the Moment considers the date invalid using moment#isValid . You can check the metrics used by #isValid using moment#parsingFlags , which returns an object.

  • overflow : An overflow of a date field, such as a 13th month, a 32nd day of the month (or a 29th of February on non-leap years), a 367th day of the year, etc. overflow contains the index of the invalid unit to match #invalidAt (see below); -1 means no overflow.
  • invalidMonth : An invalid month name, such as moment('Marbruary', 'MMMM'); . Contains the invalid month string itself, or else null.
  • empty : An input string that contains nothing parsable, such as moment('this is nonsense'); . Boolean.
  • nullInput : A null input, like moment(null); .


  • invalidFormat : An empty list of formats, such as moment('2013-05-25', []) .

userInvalidated : A date created explicitly as invalid, such as moment.invalid() . Boolean.

In addition to the above, As of 2.13.0 the meridiem and parsedDateParts flags work together to determine date validity.

Additionally, if the Moment is parsed in strict mode, these flags must be empty for the Moment to be valid:

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  • unusedTokens : array of format substrings not found in the input string
  • unusedInput : array of input substrings not matched to the format string

Note: Moment's concept of validity became more strict and consistent between 2.2 and 2.3.

Additionally, you can use moment#invalidAt to determine which date unit overflowed.

Note: In case of multiple wrong units the first one is returned (because days validity may depend on month, for example).

If a moment is invalid, it behaves like a NaN in floating point operations.

  • invalid.add(unit, value)
  • another.add(invalid)
  • invalid.clone()
  • invalid.diff(another)
  • invalid.endOf(unit)
  • invalid.max(another)
  • another.max(invalid)
  • invalid.min(another)
  • another.min(invalid)
  • invalid.set(unit, value)
  • invalid.startOf(unit)
  • invalid.subtract(unit, value)

  • invalid.format(anyFmt) results in 'Invalid Date' in the current locale
  • invalid.from(another)
  • another.from(invalid)
  • invalid.fromNow(suffix)
  • invalid.toNow(suffix)
  • invalid.toISOString()
  • invalid.toString()

  • invalid.isAfter(another)
  • invalid.isAfter(invalid)
  • another.isAfter(invalid)
  • invalid.isBefore(another)
  • invalid.isBefore(invalid)
  • another.isBefore(invalid)
  • invalid.isBetween(another, another)
  • invalid.isBetween(invalid, invalid)
  • invalid.isSame(another)
  • invalid.isSame(invalid)
  • another.isSame(invalid)
  • invalid.isSameOrAfter(another)
  • invalid.isSameOrAfter(invalid)
  • another.isSameOrAfter(invalid)
  • invalid.isSameOrBefore(another)
  • invalid.isSameOrBefore(invalid)
  • another.isSameOrBefore(invalid)

  • invalid.get(unit) returns null, as all other named getters
  • invalid.toArray() === [NaN, NaN, NaN, NaN, NaN, NaN]
  • invalid.toObject() has all values set to NaN
  • invalid.toDate() returns an invalid Date object
  • invalid.toJSON() returns null
  • invalid.unix() returns null
  • invalid.valueOf() returns null

After a moment object is created, all of the inputs can be accessed with creationData() method:

You can create a moment object specifying only some of the units, and the rest will be defaulted to the current day, month or year, or 0 for hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Defaulting to today, when only hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds are passed:

Defaulting to this month and year, when only days and smaller units are passed:

Moment.js uses overloaded getters and setters.

Arianeb dating simulator walkthrough
Arianeb dating simulator
Ariane dating simulator walk through
Ariane dating simulator tips
Ariane dating simulator

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