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What should you source, and where you should go are common things los everyone thinks dating to make sure the night goes smoothly.

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Dating in Los Angeles can be frustrating and exhausting, not only for single women, but for the single men who try to date them.

Dating in Los Angeles is frustrating.

As a single man in Los Angeles, I’ve been doing it for a few years now and have found some common denominators among my dates. Although youre more apt to hear from single women in blogs, on TV, on Facebook complaining about how terrible it is to date in this city, I think its time that a single guy told the other side of the story.

Lets start with the common courtesy of being on time. In all the years that Ive been dating in Los Angeles, I have yet to meet a single woman in this city who understands that 7 pm really means 7 pm. My last date texted me 5 minutes prior to our agreed meeting time to inform me she would be 45 minutes late. The usual MO is to show up whenever.

One time, I arrived at the agreed time and couldnt locate my date. I called and she responded, Oh you’re there? I should be there in about 30 minutes. My longest wait for a date was just under 2 hours. After waiting that long, it required considerable mental discipline to be in a cheerful mood during the date.

I like to bring a little gift on the first date.

It could be flowers or chocolates, just to show appreciation and to make the woman feel special. But its rare to get a thank you; it’s mostly grab and stash, as if I might take it back. I have considered taking it back after waiting 45 minutes for my date to show up, but so armanian women for dating far I havent.

I make sure Im on time, why cant they do the same?

On a aries women dating typical date I’ll look at Google maps for the estimated drive time, under the heaviest traffic, then add a half hour. This lack of respect ashley dating man older olsen for other people’s time is rampant among single women in Los Angeles, it happens too often to be a fluke.

While dating in Los Angeles, another common thread is appropriate appearance.

Showing up for a date in Uggs boots, sweat pants and a torn top might convey you’re laid back and easy going, but shouldn’t some semblance of effort be made for a first meeting, even if it’s just for coffee?

On the other extreme, I once had a lunch date with a woman who showed up wearing 5-inch stiletto heels, a dress that barely covered her rear-end and over-flowing cleavage. We met at her suggested favorite restaurant, Marie Calenders.

I got some interesting looks from the mostly retired mid-day patrons on that date.

Then theres the use of cell phones during a date. I once had a woman approach me while talking on the phone, sit down at our table and continue her cell phone conversation with her mother for what must have been 10 minutes, as if I didn’t exist. What an impression!

Not only do I turn off my phone when Im on a date, I keep it out of view, stashed away in my pocket. I want to focus on who I’m with, no distractions, no multitasking. Yet, this policy has never been reciprocated on any date I’ve had. On the contrary, I’ve been on dates where she is constantly on her phone, making Facebook updates and tweeting nonstop.

It’s unfortunate they dont think of using their phone to let me know when theyre running late for our date.

Another interesting behavior is unrealistic expectations. I had a date berate me for not leaving a $10 tip for a two drink order at Starbucks.

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