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From outdoor bungalow-style clubs and glamorous nightclubs to rooftop hotel pool parties and barefoot bars on the beach, the options are endless.

I must say, LA also has some of the coolest and most unique nightclubs Ive ever seen. I actually hate nightclubs, but not the ones in L.A.

For example, The Bungalow is an outdoor club in Santa Monica that is designed to appeal to almost anyone. A portion of this venue is an outdoor garden patio setup that has a lounge feel rather than a nightclub feel. Theres an indoor section that is set up to look like cozy bungalows, complete with couches, pool tables and a fireplace.

For the arkansas married dating real clubgoers, this venue has a real party setup inside a massive white tent. The tent has a full bar, tables for bottle service, a large dance floor and a DJ booth. Theres even a bonfire set up to drink your cocktails around the fire.

My favorite part of The Bungalow was the outdoor garden lounge area because you could still hear the music, it just wasnt as loud as it is in the tent.

Also, I liked how it felt like I was sipping cocktails in a secret garden with ivy walls. Its a very memorable and unique venue, to say the least.

You can stay at the ashley married dating Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows where your room would be practically next door to the club, but the soundproof walls allow you to maintain a getaway feel when you want to get away from the nightlife. Plus, you get hooked up with VIP entrance when youre a hotel guest, which is a major perk.

California draws in the tourists by boasting the worlds best theme parks. Disneyland, Six Flags and Universal Studios are some of the most popular, but other parks such as Knotts Berry Farm, Raging Waters and Magic Mountain are awesome as well. The top priorities should be Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Universal recently opened the mind-blowing Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction, which was over five years in the making and cost the park over $500 million to create.

These epic theme parks are enough of a reason to go to LA on their own, so consider these next 10 things on this list added bonuses of visiting the City of Angels.

Los Angeles is home to some of the worlds most iconic and spectacular hotels. The Beverly Hills Hotel, for example, is one of the worlds most iconic and best-known hotels that should ashton married dating definitely be on your bucket list. Its closely associated with Hollywood film stars, rock stars and celebrities.

This hotel (known fondly as the Pink Palace) is beyond luxury and five stars.

It feels as though youre stepping into a fantasy world and leaving the regular world behind. Since the hotel is over 100 years old with much of its original architecture and designs intact, its no wonder why staying here feels other-worldly. There are so many Instagram-worthy moments here, which is why you should check it out.

The entrance to the hotel has a red carpet and photo wall. Entering the hotels iconic Fountain Coffee Room is like stepping backwards in time.

Its a historical landmark built in 1949, and it features 19 restored bar stools around a classic articles on dating a married man curved soda fountain counter inspired by the 1940s.

Can you say milkshake, two straws and a really good Instagram filter?

Yes please.

Request a (free) hotel tour, and check out the Bungalow Marilyn Monroe lived at during her career, and the one Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned at with six of her eight husbands. Its worth your time, trust me.

Im sure youre aware California is known for its delicious wine. California is home to some of North Americas best vineyards and wineries. A wine tour is a must during your visit, and great wineries in the Los Angeles area include the San Antonio Winery and The Malibu Estate, Rosenthal.

The food is incredible as well. California is lucky to be an ingredient-rich state, and the food is very multicultural so youll be eating the best of everything with plenty of variety.

There arent very many places where youre sure to find amazing sushi, phenomenal seafood, authentic Mexican and traditional Italian.

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