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Many of the worlds most renowned chefs have restaurants in LA.

The City aryan dating profiles of Angels is a foodies paradise, and its a great place to visit if youd like to experience the ideal dining experience, especially if you want amazing food paired with a beautiful view of the water while you eat.

Not only that, but some of the farmers markets have great food vendors set up with fresh, delicious options at great prices.

The shopping is awesome in LA because theres so much variety.

The one-of-a-kind boutiques and street vendors along the Venice Boardwalk are where you can find unique items nobody else has. If youre looking for cool art to decorate your apartment or unique hand-made jewelry, go there.

The fashion district in Downtown LA has some of the best bargain shopping in the country, and the multiple outlets are a great stop for discount items as well. If youre fancy, youre in luck because shopping on Rodeo Drive is where all the best name-brand stores have their flagship locations.

When it comes to everyday entertainment, the options in LA are ridiculous. If you dont like bars or night clubs, take a walk along the Santa Monica Promenade instead, and watch the various street performers. Or, see one of the citys awesome burlesque shows.

If you love stand-up comedy, Id highly recommend going to The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. That place is iconic, and some of the worlds best comedians got their start there.

Alumni include Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Russell Peters and Kevin Hart.

The best part? Its known for often surprising the audience with a celebrity guest.

I was there last month and Dave Chappelle did a 15-minute surprise set.

I guess he was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by his old stomping ground? It was just so awesome and the best $15 Ive ever spent.

You can also get free tickets to be in the audience of your favorite talk show, like with Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel, or go and see an amazing art show. When it comes to entertainment, LA has some of the best options in the world.

If you love a arkansas dating profile 60 61 good facial, massage or body wrap, definitely hit up one of the luxury spas in LA.

Its unique and extravagant treatment options include a Swiss Ice Crystal Facial, a Pure Gold Radiance Facial, a White Caviar Illuminating Facial, a Scalp and Foot Therapy Massage and a Diamond Perfection Body Treatment.

It can be tough to find a spa with luxury treatments like arkansas dating personals these, so definitely take advantage while youre in LA. Theres nothing like this where I live, so I definitely took advantage.

Someone told me that if I wanted to see a celebrity, I should linger outside the entrance to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Within five minutes, I saw Al Pacino and Lisa Kudrow. The host was even kind enough to show me Frank Sinatras favorite booth (taking a photo of me in it at my request) and Leonardos, too.

Youre also likely to see celebrities at The Grove, Rodeo Drive and restaurants such as The Ivy, Koi and Katsuya.

Since so many movies are filmed in Los Angeles, so theres always notable A-listers around. Yes, you can even get a guided Hollywood tour to see where celebs live.

Californias scenic coastline and surrounding nature is absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful natural wonders such as waterfalls, coves, hidden caves, botanical gardens, pristine lakes, inspired canals, mountains and beautiful hiking trails are just some of the natural sights youll see if you travel to LA. There are plenty of national parks to check out in the area as well.

This west coast city is also known for its stunning and colorful sunsets. There are plenty of beaches and hill tops to watch the sun go down, and the palm trees shadowed by pink skies is the cherry on top of that perfect Instagram-worthy moment. Mashable recently named LA the city with the most Instagram-worthy sunsets in the world. Some might argue the reason LA sunsets are so colorful and gorgeous is due to the airs smog, smoke and pollution, but all we really know is that the sunsets are definitely worth seeing here.

LA isnt all Hollywood, celebrities and muscular surfer dudes on the beach.

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