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A perfect option is High Rooftop Lounge in Venice, a panoramic bar that serves up craft beer and killer signature cocktails while also offering fantastic views. To gaze across Muscle Beach or out towards downtown at sunset – the choice is yours!

Sun, sand, and surf are facts of life in this part of SoCal, so it makes sense to make the most of them when it comes to dating.

Head to Santa Monica Pier for a full-on, cheesy tourist date (it can be surprisingly romantic at sunset!). If you prefer swoon-worthy views, take a trip down to Laguna for a beautiful, cliff top stroll through stunning Heisler Park.

After hiking up the Brush Canyon Trail with our group of We Like L.A.’ers to see the Hollywood Sign earlier this month, it reminded us how much beauty there is to be explored in this city that really doesn’t cost us much of anything at all, except a little time and effort.

And the sense of gratitude and accomplishment you feel when you actually take the time really does make the experience in itself priceless.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places to grab a free, and quite amazing, perspective of Los Angeles (Keep in mind some places may have paid parking, such as the Getty, but to us this is a great reason to carpool or take public transit).

Good to keep in mind next time you’re bored and looking for something to do on a perfectly sunny afternoon ??

The Getty is breathtaking in it’s own right, but the views both facing Westwood/ DTLA towards the east and over the ocean during sunset on the west are equally marvelous. While admission to the Getty is always free, keep in mind there are parking fees, so it’s might be worth it to take public transit or carpool with your friends to save some bucks! Additional info on Yelp.

View looking west from Turnbull Canyon. Credit: Brian Champlin / We Like L.A.

A beautiful hike in the Puente Hills Preserve rewards you with views of the Hacienda Heights area, the Hsi ashely madison dating services Lai Temple, the peaks near Schabarum and Powder Canyon, and even DTLA on a clear day. Additional info on Yelp.

Many people don’t know but the observation deck on the 27th floor of the City Hall is open to the public. and tell the folks at the entrance you’re there to see the observation deck.

That bench shot with DTLA in the background is one of the most iconic in the city.

Another spot folks don’t necessarily think of, but the view from atop the parking structure at The Grove provides a great vantage point to see several different parts of Los Angeles.

High atop the city of Signal Hill, Hilltop Park offers a viewing area to see all of. Particularly cool spot to check out Fourth of July fireworks as you can see multiple shows going on at once.

Worth it to arkansas dating singles go at night to get the brilliant shot of the Observatory in the foreground with the shimmering lights of DTLA off in the distance.

A 15 minute journey (give or take) up a steep set of stairs earns you a beautiful, expansive view over the entire city of Los Angeles. Also, it’s a pretty good workout for your glutes ??

You can hike up to the top of Mt. Lee from a couple different paths, but whatever your route, the view includes not only the sign, but Lake Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, and downtown Los Angeles.

On the west coast, there’s the classic rivalry of NorCal versus SoCal.

So, how does dating stack up arkansas dating service between the two great cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles?

SF: You were introduced at a house party. Or online, through one of the many dating apps everyone seems to be on.

LA: At the Equinox while snapping a #gymselfie or as you were both picking up your puppies from doggy daycare.

SF: Overpriced coffee at an artisanal, organic coffee shop in the Mission.

SF: At 6:15pm, wearing a North Face jacket and sneakers.

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