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Not only do I turn off my phone when Im on a date, I keep it out of view, stashed away in my pocket. I want to focus on who I’m with, no distractions, no multitasking. Yet, asain uk dating sites this policy has never been reciprocated on any date I’ve had. On the contrary, I’ve been on dates where she is constantly on her phone, making Facebook updates and tweeting nonstop. It’s unfortunate they dont think of using their phone to let me know when theyre running late for our date.

Another interesting behavior is unrealistic expectations. I had a date berate me for not leaving a $10 tip for a two drink order at Starbucks. She claimed it’s her minimum tip, regardless of the tab and labeled anyone who doesn’t follow suit as cheap. Another woman presented me with her valet parking ticket, demanded I pay and give her extra for a tip and gas.

On a recent outdoor restaurant date, my date took her untouched sashimi plate and set it on the ground for the stray cats. She then complained that she was starving and needed to order more food, which again, was given to the cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals but $69 worth high-end sashimi being used as cat food makes me want to meow.

I once made a picnic lunch and invited my date to the beach. After lunch, as we lay on our beach towels, I applied sunscreen to her back so she wouldn’t burn. She lifted her head from the towel and said, After you’re finished, make sure you put some on your own back.

Let’s see, I planned a date, made lunch, applied your sunscreen and your contribution is to recommend do-it-yourself sun protection? I brought this up as we parted, her reply: I did my hair and put on makeup for the date, didn’t I? I did my part.

I once had a date army dating sites show up unexpectedly with five of her friends. They all ordered food, drinks and we had a jolly time. I took the bill and paid for my date and myself plus a generous tip covering the total bill. They expected that I would pick up the tab for everyone. I didn’t even get a good-bye, when seconds prior, I was their best buddy!

Yes, dating in Los Angeles is challenging and still, I find myself jumping into the fray, over and over again. I’ve had my shares of dates from Hell and it makes me wary of dates to come. One day I may finally realize that staying home to watch Seinfeld reruns is a better option.

Till then, I’m considering a new approach. Ill offer my dates $100 to be on time, turn off their cell phones and to at least pretend to enjoy the dinner Im buying for them.

When someone says Los Angeles, what do you think of? Spotting celebrities and sitting in traffic tend to be two things that come to most peoples minds, and while both are common in LA, this California city also makes for a fun place to travel.

In and around the Los Angeles area youll find beaches, amusement parks, museums and Hollywood movie attractions many want to see. If you plan to go there for the first time or are curious if its worth the trip, take a look at these 10 places you must visit near Los Angeles that draw people to this city from all over the world.

Stay with the Hollywood appeal and take a stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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