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You'll see a multimedia presentation, hear of past accomplishments and current endeavors, and visit the Space Flight Operations and the Spacecraft Assembly Facilities.

Get a feel for the upscale shopping spree by window-shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The street's boutiques and stores span three blocks from around Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard.

The Original Farmers Market opened at artist meet other artists for dating its famed location at 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue in July 1934, with farmers selling goods from the backs of their trucks.

Today, the operation is open daily and offers baked goods, meats, produce, seafood, nuts, and candies. It's free to enter and inexpensive to eat.

Part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument—which commemorates the first settlement in Los Angeles in 1781—Olvera Street is one of the city's most treasured spaces. Wander the stalls for handmade trinkets or leather goods, admire armless women for dating the work of local artists, listen to musicians perform, or taste authentic Mexican food. It's located near L.A.'s Union Station and across from La Placita Church.

In the 1970s, Hee Deok Lee's grocery store on Olympic and Harvard Boulevards was one of the first shops in the community to make up Koreatown, also known affectionately as K-Town.

Meander through the area's shops, and if you work up an appetite, stop for Korean barbeque. About ten minutes from Koreatown in the Miracle Mile area, you'll find the Korean Cultural Center, where many of the programs and exhibitions are free to the public.

Visit the center's 2,700-square-foot gallery, which houses traditional and contemporary art, or attend a film screening. Screenings are free and feature contemporary and classic Korean films with English subtitles.

Parking is free in the back of the building.

The year 1938 marked the dedication of L.A.'s Chinatown. If you start at Central Plaza, you'll spot a statue of Dr.

Sun Yat Sen and a nearby wishing well that dates to 1939. Step outside of Central Plaza to Phoenix Bakery—Chinatown's oldest—where you'll be tempted to try its famous strawberry whipped cream cakes.

Take a moment to pause at the Taoist Temple on Yale Street, where incense fills the air.

On South Fairfax Avenue between West Olympic Boulevard and Whitworth Drive, Little Ethiopia has thrived since the 1990s.

The enclave was officially recognized by the city in 2002. Stroll the area's shops, restaurants, and vintage stores. If you're looking for a boost, stop for a genial coffee ceremony in which coffee is served to you only after the beans have been carefully washed, roasted, ground, and boiled.

In 1999, a section of East Hollywood was designated America's first Thai Town. Some refer to the area as Thailand's 77th province.

The Thai New Year falls in spring, with much of the celebrating done at the Songkran Festival. Taste Thai curry, sit in on the Miss Thai New Year pageant, or watch a boxing competition or a traditional folk dancing session. In the early morning, a ceremony commences to gently bless respected elders with water.

In 2000, Little Armenia was officially recognized in East Hollywood. The area, which comprises a portion of L.A.'s thriving Armenian community, hosts a festival in late May or early June to celebrate Armenia's independence. The free admission, live music, traditional Armenian fare, and vendors have enticed thousands to celebrate the event in the past.

If you're up for a jaunt into L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, visit Mission San Fernando Rey de España, a mission founded by Fermin Francisco de Lasuén and named for King Ferdinand of Spain.

Docents offer free one-hour tours of the public Los Angeles Central Library downtown. View the Goodhue Building's sphinxes and chandeliers, as well as its 13-and-a-half-foot-tall lanterns, designed to portray the profile of an upside-down human at each escalator landing. Admire Julian Garnsey's second-floor murals, completed in 1932 and named for his depiction of California's notable periods: Discovery, Mission Building, Americanization, and the Founding of Los Angeles.

If you're spending a day at Venice Beach, stop by the 16,000-square-foot Venice Beach Skate Plaza and watch locals—anyone from young kids to adults—skate from morning until sunset. It's free to watch and free to join this SoCal staple.

See a spacecraft that has literally been to the moon and back. The California Science Center has spacecraft on display that arthur rogers special forces dating women have flown with the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions.

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