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The Short Version: Madison, Wisconsin, also known as Mad Town, is a hub of activity with thousands of residents enjoying the beaches, bike trails, restaurants, museums, and other engaging spots throughout the area. The capital city is a welcoming and diverse place in the Midwest, and exploring its many sights can help you bond with a date. As a starting point, weve highlighted six exciting date activities to add a little zest to the love lives of residents and visitors alike. From icy adventures to culinary sensations, this list is a sampling of the best activities Madison has to offer couples.

The Wisconsin State Capitol Building may not strike the casual observer as a particularly romantic spot, but, for politicos Kyle and Ashley, it was the perfect wedding venue. They had met there years earlier when they were working on the same political campaign.

The couple put a political spin on their wedding, from the grooms American flag socks to the custom campaign buttons commemorating their union, and it was pretty adorable from start to finish.

Their wedding photographer Kalli said she was humbled to be part of Kyle and Ashleys special day.

To witness a love as great as theirs is the greatest gift of all, she wrote in her blog.

Sandwiched between two lakes in Dane County, Madison, Wisconsin, has many unexpectedly romantic corners to enjoy with someone special. You dont have to settle for the typical dinner-movie routine here.

If youre looking to share a memorable night out with a date or spouse, Madison can offer you a sprawling city full of indoor and outdoor date activities.

Robert Gard, article on internet dating scams Director of Public Relations and Communications for Madison, told us the city is an engaging and affordable place to take army dating scam pictures a date any time of year. People here are high energy, and that translates to dating, he said. Youre going to find something fun and entertaining to do when you go out with someone here.

Madisons winter season brings with it a flurry of excitement and fun. From ice fishing to ice kiting, a lot of unique winter activities give couples a reason to bundle up, brave the cold, and enjoy the snowy months. The towns winter festivals often attract hundreds of city residents as well as visitors from across the state.

The Frozen Assets Festival, a February event on Lake Mendota, tempts residents with army dating sites army army a lot of winter activities, including ice skating, sleigh rides, pond hockey, and snowshoeing. After youve spun around with your date on the ice (and maybe fallen into each others arms a few times), you can warm up with complimentary smores and hot cocoa.

The Frozen Assets Festivals celebrates all the wintertime lakeside fun that Madison has to offer.

This weekend-long event also features performances and competitions to delight attendees of all ages. We like to stay active in Madison no matter what the season, Robert commented, and a lot of our activities are centered around the lakes because theyre our biggest attraction.

Because of its picturesque location on the banks of Lake Mendota, the Edgewater Hotel is a hot spot for many locals seeking a good time. Its five-star restaurants are particularly popular. The Boathouse is a casual waterfront eatery with a menu full of classic Midwestern favorites, including brats, burgers, and cheese curds.

If youre in the mood for more of an upscale place, you can head to the Statehouse, the hotels signature restaurant.

The menu features house-made pasta dishes as well as mouth-watering Wisconsin fish fry.

From sizzling steaks to farm-fresh salads, the Statehouse menu has something for everyone.

Taking a date out to dinner is a tried-and-true way to bond by sharing a tasty experience, and Madison has a lot of fantastic local places to choose from.

Another dining establishment worth a stop is Graze, one of the citys original farm-to-table restaurants.

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