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The original menu still hangs on the wall and the recipes are still the same. Though there’s usually a long line to get in, especially on Badger football game days, but know that your patience will have rewards.

The generous helpings will likely provide you with enough food to last you through until dinner. After plunging into massive plates of its classic American-style dishes such army gays army dating as banana pecan pancakes, the legendary scrambler or a colossal cinnamon roll, you’ll understand the hype.

The Old Fashioned claims to be the place ‘where Wisconsin is king,’ and makes this philosophy evident in its locally sourced brunch menu. Take the Wisconsin Benedict, for example: instead of Canadian bacon or ham, this version incorporates the unofficial state meat, the bratwurst. Or check out the bagel with cream cheese, it’s not just any bagel, but a Gotham bagel from the Gotham Bagels shop right down the street. Even the donuts are pure Wisconsin: the apple fritters are made at Greenbush Bakery, located about a mile and a half from the Old Fashioned. If you wish to get a taste of true Wisconsin heritage, the Old Fashioned is unquestionably the place to dine.

In college towns like Madison, brunch is often an opportunity to cure a hangover with eggs and coffee. But at Sardine a brunch outing at this French-inspired bistro is an opportunity to savor flavorful dishes and is the ultimate location if you’re looking to impress. Slide onto a stool at the pewter-topped bar and order off the lovely chalkboard menus or find a spot on the patio perched on the shore of Lake Monona. Sardine is renowned for its seafood so the crab, bacon and rock shrimp cakes, grilled Norwegian salmon or steamed mussels with frites are worthy selections. If you’re not in the seafood mood however, the Belgian waffle, warm duck confit or fines herbes and gruyere cheese omelette are also popular.

This retro diner with a simple menu of pancakes, bacon and eggs is the archetypal setting for brunch in America.

Embracing these classic elements, Food Fight’s Bluephies kicks it up a few notches with a minimalist color scheme, cozy leather booths, soaring windows and a vibrant menu. Try the red velvet pancakes or avocado extravaganza scrambler for modern variations on timeless diner army dating site army singles dishes, or go further into the army dating sites menu and army dating site order the carrot cake French toast, crab Benedict, breakfast jambalaya or waffle dogs – sausages coated in waffle batter and fried. If you’re looking for something a bit stronger than coffee to quench your thirst, Bluephies is not only a restaurant but also a ‘vodkatorium’, where the Bloody Mary options are seemingly endless.

For a lighter brunch fare head to Marigold Kitchen. The unpretentious, vegetarian-friendly line-up includes favorites such as tofu scramble, (made with champagne vinaigrette), barley sauté, chilaquiles and chili poached eggs.

Meat-lovers will delight in options like the duck confit hash and the roasted salmon frittata. Try to get a seat on the patio during the warmer months to soak up the sunshine, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a cold screwdriver.

Tucked away on the second floor of an aging concrete building, Sunroom Cafe is one of Madison’s coziest brunch spots. Painted in soft pastel colors, decorated with the works of local artists and featuring a perfect view of the bustling State Street.

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