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While infection from HIV is not as common, 40,000 people are still infected with HIV every year.

Using a condom is effective for warding off most STD's.

Really getting to know your partner and making a joint appointment for health exams can relieve your worries about other health issues that can't always be seen by the naked eye.

Pregnancy can also occur with unprotected sex. Only 15% of women who have unprotected sex over the course of a year don't get pregnant.

While having a baby can be a beautiful time during a couple's lives, If the pregnancy comes prematurely, it can put stress on a relationship before it has time to grow.

The best method for preventing both pregnancy and STDs are to use a condom with another form of birth control, such as the pill or a diaphragm.

Everyone has to make their own decisions about dating and sex. Make sure you know everything you feel you need to know, and take your partner's feelings into consideration as well. You have to protect your emotions as well as your body.

Some people use sex as a means to gain some control over their partner and the relationship. It's most likely the relationship will not be healthy.

In the digital age, finding a date is as easy as unlocking your smart phone. It seems like every week, another brand new dating app launches. Looking for an app that will help you get laid, or just an app to help you keep the conversation going on your next blind date? Check out our five new favorite dating apps below.

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Check out our list articles on interracial dating of the best sex toys on the market right now, including toys for both solo and couples play.

Good2Go is a new sex app that helps to ensure that both parties are able to consent to a sexual encounter. This is a great app for people who recently started dating, or for people who are just looking for a causal fling.

To use this app, you simply indicate whether you are good to go with a sexual encounter. You have three options: Yes, Yes (but we need to talk first), or No Thanks. If you indicate yes, youll need to indicate whether you are sober, of if you have had a few drinks. Its not yet clear how an app like this might hold up in a court of law in the event of any charges of assault, but Good2Go is likely to appeal to anyone who is in the habit of doing the nasty after a few cocktails.

LUXY is a dating app that caters to the rich, the successful, and the brand-conscious.

While it might come off as snobby or elitist, this app claims that its members include CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, millionaires, beauty queens, fitness models, Hollywood celebrities, pro athletes, doctors, and lawyers.

If youre looking to date someone in those lines of work, this might be the app for you.

The profiles can seem a little superficial, since the profiles basically consist of a hot photo, a brief listing of your hobbies, and a list of your favorite luxury brands.

Karen Fein, Hinges marketing director, compares this dating app to being at a party where your friends have invited their friends.

You can use the apps Ask button to learn more about a potential match, sort of like turning to a friend at a party and saying, Who is that over there?

There are only so many opportunities to meet people through article rules dating usa your friends, Fein said. There are only so many alumni events and networking events and house parties and dinners and weddings[Hinge is] almost like making the offline world more efficient.

As of this writing, Hinge is only available in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philly, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Denver, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

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