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If another user is currently nearby, it will notify you.

When you see someone you’re interested in, just “like” her profile. If the interest is mutual, a match – or asain herpes dating site “Crush” – is made and the two of you can exchange messages.

There’s also a section called “I’m Free To”, where you can choose activities like getting a drink, seeing a movie, or get something to eat.

Other Happn users who cross your path then have 6 hours to respond to your date suggestion. Responding to someone else’s date suggestion requires spending a credit unless you’re a “Happn Essentials” subscriber.

A Happn Essentials membership costs $19.99 for 1 month, with a price break for getting a 3- or 6-month membership.

Teamo is a Russian dating app that’s also popular in the Ukraine, especially with women seeking long-term relationships and marriage.

Teamo offers a twist to traditional swiping apps like Tinder by offering a “Maybe” option. There’s also a section where you’re presented with two profiles, and you can choose the most attractive one.

Part of the signup process involves taking personality and compatibility tests, and the matching algorithm is based on the 17 different matching characteristics the tests reveal.

The basic features of this popular Ukrainian dating app are free, but if you want perks like seeing all the photos for each profile, unlimited messaging, and knowing who “liked” your profile, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Unlocking these features costs $8.99 per week, $29.99 per month, or $59.99 for 6 months.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship and don’t have a lot of time for swiping, Once is a great Tinder alternative.

Instead of scrolling through a match queue, Once shows you one profile at noon every day.

You get 24 hours to “like” your match, and if the interest is returned you can start messaging each other for as long as you want to.

Seeing your daily match and sending messages is free. You have to option to spend “Crowns” (the app’s internal currency) to access premium features like these:

  • Select which match you’d like to get the next day, without alerting the match they were “chosen”.
  • Send an icebreaker to your match before they’ve made a decision, as an incentive for them to “like” you.
  • Send/receive chat requests.
  • Get an immediate match with someone who’s currently logged onto the app.
  • Get advice from a Once Matchmaker about finding your “perfect match”, and have her hand select your next match.

Once has some beautiful Ukrainian women on it, but you won’t find the huge user pools that Tinder and Badoo attract. And with limited matches available each day, it may not be the fastest way to meet someone special.

If you decide to try Once, you’ll want to compliment it with at least one other Ukrainian site or app from this list.

Many international dating sites have a “Pay Per Letter” pricing structure, meaning you pay a fee for every message sent or received, or every minute spent video chatting.

Typically you’ll pay these fees with credits, which you’re required to pre-purchase in bulk. The credits are then deducted from your account as you contact women.

One of the problems with the PPL format is that the messages are often sent by an agent or “supplier” on behalf of the women you’re supposedly communicating with. You can’t contact any of your matches directly, so it’s difficult to verify if they’re legit.

And since you’re paying for each communication, there’s a financial incentive to make sure you receive as many messages as possible from beautiful women who seem very interested in you.

Read through the Terms & Conditions of any site you’re thinking about trying carefully before providing any payment information, and consider only using Ukrainian dating sites like Elena’s Models that charge a flat membership fee for unlimited communication.

You’ll also want to stick with sites that allow you to eventually contact the women directly, without having to go through an artists dating site intermediary.

Unfortunately, PPL sites aren’t the only international dating scam you need to watch out for. The promise of finding your soulmate is a powerful lure, and disreputable companies are quick to capitalize on it.

Why not work with a company like ViDA that has already helped dozens of clients with successful trips to Eastern Europe?

No matter where you live or what your relationship goals are, ViDA’s team of dating experts can help.

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