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Any restaurant or grocery store can provide an opportunity for fun. This is a great place to get flexible, you can give her 3 sealed ashley olsen and justin bartha dating envelopes and ask her to choose one.

Each envelope has a different dessert destination in asian american single dating sites store. Or, for best results I’d pull out a recipe card and take her to the store to buy the ingredients together then head home to make it together.

Best date would be what my girlfriend and I did on our first date.

First I took her to a quiet spot in the woods next to a lake (but not too secluded, so she could feel comfortable), I put down a blanket and we had a picnic (the gourmet sodas scored extra points with her). We then went to my house where we built a fire in my front yard asia dating sites and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. And to cap it off we went inside, turned on some light swing and danced into the wee hours of the morning.

I met this girl and invited her to go on a date, we had some trouble picking the time (we both worked odd hours), so I finally said, “what are you doing tomorrow morning-early?” She said, “I dunno, sleeping.” and I said, “I’ll pick you up at 5, bring a pair of hiking shoes, and a bottle of water.” That morning I picked her up, and we drove up into the mountains. I gave her one of my headlamps, grabbed my bag and we hiked a couple miles in darkness up to this amazing lookout over the city and mountains all around us.

We got to the top just as the sun was peeking over the horizon. As the mountains changed colors all around us and the city lights began to turn on. I pulled out my backpacking stove and made bacon and eggs and orange juice and we ate breakfast and watched the city wake up.

During the summer months look online for days there are going to be meteor showers.

Then late at night go pick up your date and bring her somewhere where there is little to no light pollution; a beach or park is usually a good place. Make sure to take a look at the weather because you want it to be a clear night. Try and get there before the shower is supposed to star. Bring along a blanket and lay out underneath the stars. It is important to know what area of the sky the shower will be in. Get a book from your local library and learn some of the constellations so while you’re waiting for the shower to start you can point them out to impress your date.

During the summer, when fruit is ripe and ready for picking. Then, lay your blanket somewhere nice and shady and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Have a picnic and enjoy each other’s company.

My girlfriend and I are both in college, so my idea had to be relatively cheap.

I surprised my girlfriend out of the blue with an evening of salsa dance lessons (at a local dance studio that offers 1/2 off pricing!), then a dinner at a dimly lit restaurant, and then a quick drive up into the mountains where my favorite stargazing spot is located. We jumped up on top of my car and slipped into a sleeping bag together and watched the stars.

My best date idea: For the right woman, a quiet evening ice fishing. Bring plenty of snacks and hot cocoa, ashley olsen dating make sure the fish shack is warm, and bring along soft music that she likes. Make sure you give HER more attention than the fish, no matter how well they’re biting! When you get home, she may want you to help her get warmed up.

I’ve been on more blind dates and first dates throughout my dating “career” then I’d care to count, but I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about how to make these successful. And naturally, being an avid AofM reader, it’s important to approach the process in a gentlemanly way.

First off, don’t wait until to the last minute to ask her out.

Even if she probably will be grooming her cat and watching a movie alone on Friday night, you can’t call on Thursday night assuming that.

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