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So get your exercise, get your fix of endorphins, and relieve pent-up tension.

Music is a natural mood-setter. Put on some calming music and your mind will respond by becoming more calm. Listen to whatever you prefer, whether it is classical, jazz, or laid-back contemporary songs. My favorite relaxation music is the New Age station on AOL radio. Internet radio gives you a lot of options, and if you don't have AOL you could give Yahoo! Music Unlimited, which comes with 100 radio stations, a try.

Every now and then you just need to give yourself a break--take yourself out of your routine and do something fun. I put a priority on vacations in my own life; trips to Florida or the occassional cruise do the trick for me. I come back recharged and refreshed, and you likely will, too. Read my article on reasons to take a cruise, if you need more convincing!

You may ultimately come to the conclusion that a drastic change must be made in your life if you're ever going to reduce your stress levels. That may mean quitting your job or moving to a different area or breaking off a relationship that isn't working. In fact, this may be one of the toughest decisions you will ever make.

In the end, no matter which of these ideas you choose to try, it is important that you make the conscious decision to reduce the stress in your life. Our time here on earth is too short to be spent anxious and worn down. I hope that these ten ideas have given you something helpful. Remember: relax!

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Know what you can handle and whom you can count on for help and support before you walk down the aisle. "I give my brides questionnaires to help evaluate their stress levels and focus on how to reduce, manage, and eliminate them," says Jeri Kadison, a bridal coach in New York City. Ask yourself, "What do I foresee as being a ashley morgan dating site source of stress?" and "How do I plan to manage it?" Preparation and self-awareness are key.

With so much to do and stay on top of (not to mention the life-changing event to come), it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Start focusing on the in-and-out cycle of your breath for just a few minutes a day or when you're lying in bed at night.

It will help slow your heart rate and relax your muscles, too.

Lavender is well-known for its soul-soothing capabilities, but others, like jasmine, chamomile, and basil, have proven relaxing benefits as well.

"Dab some lavender or rose ashley maddison dating site essential oil onto your wrists to shift your mood quickly," Kadison says.

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