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A big part of dating anxiety is the high stakes a traditional first date entails–you’re stuck with each other for hours, trying to make your best first impression while making innocuous, but not too boring, small talk. It can be awkward and uncomfortable enough to keep you from having a date in the first place. But if you choose a first date activity that’s fun, casual, not too expensive and interesting in its own right, then you have a formula for a successful outing.

Instead of dinner, try a tea date.

Tea houses are increasingly popular in urban centers, and they’re usually quieter than a coffeehouse, making them perfect for a getting-to-know-you conversation. Plus, the perfect hour for tea is in the late afternoon, which is less formal in feel than the traditional evening dinner date.

Keep your feet moving and you won’t be as uncomfortably distracted by the natural pauses that come with first-date conversations. So take a stroll through a garden or park, or a hike through the hills or wander through the local zoo together. If you choose well, the outdoor scenery will be an extra bonus.

If you and your date connected on the basis of a mutual interest such as cooking, fitness or art, it could be fun to take a class together. You’ll learn a new skill and have a chance to connect at the same time.

If you and your date are at all bookish, attending a reading, open mic or other literary event will provide great fodder for conversation afterward.

Plus, if the reading is particularly good, the energetic buzz of the audience might wear off on you two.

Seek out local events such as high school, college and local sports club matches for a fun, friendly, and low cost date idea. You and your companion can chat during breaks in the action.

Alternatively, play a match together, be it badminton, tennis, handball or croquet.

Movie dates are traditional to a fault, but these days they are also expensive and a time commitment, too. One possible alternative is to catch an early matinee show. Afternoon dates always feel more casual than evening events, and the crowds are usually less pressing, too.

You may also look for second-run movie houses in your area.

Skip dinner and head straight for dessert.

Have an ice cream cone, share a piece of cake, or buy a box of cupcakes and eat them in the park. With this plan, you avoid the expense and formality of a full evening dinner date and you get a little taste of indulgence, too. A similar idea is attending a wine, cheese, or chocolate tasting together.

Even if you yourself don’t own a dog, the dog park can be a nice no-stress destination for an afternoon date. You can sit on a ashley morrison dating park bench and get to know each other while watching friendly ashley olsen and justin bartha dating dogs and their owners play in the sun.

Several cities offer periodic open studios and/or small art gallery “crawls” during the weekends and early evening hours. This can be a good way to get to know both your local art scene and your companion better at very low cost.

A mid-morning foray to your local farmer’s market combines spending time outdoors and eating delicious food with lots of social interaction for a perfect low-stress date event.

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