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It could easily segue into a picnic, and if you and your date are both amenable to the idea, it could turn into a lazy weekend spent in each other’s company.

Keep your relationship fun and alive with these 10 romantic date ideas!

My husband and I try our very best to get out once a week for a date night.

We try to come up with original ideas, but usually end up going to dinner and a movie, not there is anything wrong with that. Every now and then we do like to mix it up, but sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea! Here are some of my favorite romantic date ideas.

There are ashley olsen and justin bartha dating really fun paint classes that teach you step by step how to paint a picture. They can get a little pricey, but you get to keep your art work at the end.

Im not sure if this exact class is taught everywhere, but Im sure you can find some sort of art class. You might surprise each other how good you are at painting OR you might get some good belly laughs at how awful you are. Have fun!

In the summer there are many opportunities for outdoor concerts.

Concerts are great inside, but they are even more romantic outdoors under the stars.

I will admit my first date wasnt exactly romantic.

Dont get me wrong, it was fabulous and the beginning of the best thing that ever happened to me, but it was a hockey game. Maybe not the most romantic thing ever, but recreating your first date can bring back a lot of romantic feelings.

I know there arent many drive in theaters left in the country, but if you are lucky enough to have one near by you need to try it out. You get to watch the movie while snuggling in your car.

I love farmers markets. I love wandering the booths looking at hand crafted goods and sampling the food. As long as you arent going to the farmers market just to grocery shop it can be a very romantic date. You could even incorporate #6 into this date.

One of my favorite dates my husband and I went on was for our anniversary.

We decided not to get each other gifts, but instead we went to Target and gave each other a $5 limit to find something for each other. I had so much fun sneaking around the store searching for the perfect gift.

It was not easy to stay in budget, but we ended up surprising each other with gifts that were perfect for each other.

It was romantic to hear why my husband picked the gift he did. You can set your own budget, but remember to have fun!

Or somewhere where you have to dress up. It is so fun to pull that little black dress out of the closet once in awhile and I know I love to see my husband all dressed up. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy the opera or ballet.

Grab blanket and some food and find a spot at your favorite park or in the mountains somewhere for a picnic. Dont forget to add in some snuggle time.

Going to the beach is relaxing and can relieve a lot of stress. Soak up the sun and sip cold drinks while listening to the waves. If you dont live by the ocean find a beach at a lake.

On a warm summer evening star gazing is ashley morrison dating one of my favorite things.

Start some music on your phone and slow dance under the stars.

No matter whether youre a guy or a girl, the onus on choosing where to go for a second date will fall on you at some point or another.

After all, they chose the first date, so its only fair that you choose the follow-up, right?

But what do you do when the first date was so freaking awesome and youre nervous that your second date will be pale in comparison and that your date will just want to run on home?!

You could ask a few friends for advice, and you could just stick to the tried and tested formula of going out for a drink and a chat.

Or! You could take a look at our top 10 creative and fun second date ideas!

Since the first date went so smoothly, you might have already considered inviting your date around to your home for the next meet-up.

But rather than stick a film on where no one is allowed to talk or breathe too loudly for the next 2 hours, why not cook dinner?

If both of you are dab hands in the kitchen, cooking is a fantastic way to encourage conversation and to help ease ashley morgan dating site any second date nerves.

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