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These stress-free dates provide a way to get to know a person without any awkwardness.

Dinner theater is an excellent no stress date because with the show going on, there are very little conversation opportunities. The fact that the dinner is at the same time as the show also keeps the time of the date to a minimum. This is a perfect date for a first or blind date to try compatibility in a small dose before trying a longer date.

A bike ride or hike is a perfect no stress date.

Since the activity is free, no one has to worry about who is paying or if they can afford it. A bike ride or hike is also an easy way to have a conversation in private. This type of date works best as a second or third date once compatibility is assured.

Visiting a coffeehouse is the ultimate low-stress date. With a coffee date the time period is very short, and the food is inexpensive. Coffeehouses will also often have live music and poetry readings which make the experience more enjoyable and prevents the need for awkward conversation.

Another low-stress date is a wine or food tasting event. This date is low-stress because there is a planned ashley morgan dating site activity in progress that holds the attention of both parties, preventing awkward pauses. The activity also helps individuals reveal their true personalities.

A dessert date can be intimate, but it is also very low-key. Meeting for dessert is a half-way point between meeting for coffee and meeting for a full dinner. Dessert is typically less expensive than a full meal, and lasts for a shorter time period. A dessert date works well as a second date.

A sports fan may like to take a date to a sports game for his or her favorite team. This is a low-stress environment that allows focused communication. If an awkward moment does happen, then the parties can focus on the game instead.

A throwback date to childhood or high school can also be a low-stress date. Taking a date to an arcade, amusement part or circus can be a fun date for both parties. These activities work best as second or third dates once the parties are familiar with one another.

A poetry or book ashton kutcher who is he dating reading at a book store is also an excellent low-key date.

It is inexpensive, and there is no communication between the two people necessary. This works best with individuals who enjoy literature and poetry.

Boating is a fun date idea. There are many types of boating, including canoeing, river rafting, sailing or water skiing. This date works well for athletic individuals and younger daters.

Horseback riding can also be a fun low stress date. This date becomes even more fun if the riders do not know how to ride a horse. This activity breaks the awkward barrier and allows the parties to have a good time.

First date is your chance to make the first impression and you do not want to mess things up. Even though ladies may be less demanding to the looks of gentlemen, they still expect you to show up nicely dressed. One of the worst things to do is to fail to match the occasion.

So, here are the top 10 ideas on what to put on.

Picking the right location for your first date is essential, but wearing the clothes to match it is crucial. Men often times make mistakes and pick the wrong outfits. Here are the ideas of how to go about the task

You can put on a light sweater or bright color or beige and combine it with jeans.

You can even wear jeans with holes in them and put on white sneakers. Such an outfit is great for casual dates and ashley married dating for the outdoor dates. You can look stylish and not overly dressed and matching the occasion. Only make sure all your clothes are clean and nice smelling.

Its another nice option. If you know that the girl is not very likely to fancy torn jeans, you can put on a nice pair of darker shade ones. Add a casual t-shirt (not a white one) and put on a casual jacket. If you wear a tie, make sure it matches the belt by its color

How about some chic? You can wear dark jeans with ankle boots and a tight t-shirt and add a hat and sun glasses. You can look modern and stylish in such a dating outfit.

Wear nice ashley tisdale is dating watch or sports bracelet, too.

How about such a combination?

Instead of the regular jacket you can put on a leather one. It can be even red or pink.

This guy is an icon of style, so you can literally walk in his shoes.

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