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Make it cheesy as possible while keeping it looking nice. Decorating is easy, use construction paper and cheap things you find at Michaels or something. Then you have a friend dress up like a waiter and speak in the accent ashley tisdale dating of that country. Cook the themed food yourself and then have you friend “wait” on you two. It shows off your cooking skills, your romantic side, your sense of humor and your creativity.

My wife and I have been dating since college (we are now both 40).

Back then, in order to get away from dorm life we would rent a room at an inexpensive hotel, bring a cooler full of drinks, snacks you can eat in bed and candles. 20 years later a good date night for us is to recreate this in the comfort of our own bedroom. We send the kids to the grandparents and stay in bed all day/night. We spend more time sleeping and reading than we did 20 years ago … but still ashley tisdale is dating a good date nonetheless.

After being in a relationship for eight years and taking two years to recover I started dating again a year ago this week.

Using online services, I have gone on A LOT of first dates this year. No matter who it is or what their back ground, I have found that taking a girl geocaching is the best first date by far. Geocaching is a treasure hunt involving a handheld gps, where asia dating services people publish the coordinates of their cache (treasure) online and you seek it out. Girls love the idea of searching for hidden treasure. It creates a lot of interaction and many times it is a completely new and unique experience for them.

It is easy to do so you can hand over the gps to them and let ashley tisdale dating zac them go and there is some amount of oxytocin (key to female attraction and desire) that is produced when they find the first cache, a perfect time for a first kiss.

Volunteering together at a rescue mission or home for the elderly.

Make foil dinners and take drinks and s’mores to your favorite hiking/camping place.

Keep your drinks cold in the lake/creek-bonus if you bring a watermelon and cool it off the same way for a snack).

Spend the evening skipping rocks, and exploring before you build a nice fire and cook your meals in the coals. Spend some time by the fire making s’mores and then find some place nice to watch the stars.

Simple and romantic. I’m from Oregon and this is fun do to in small groups or with just me and my date.

There are variations depending on your local geography etc. (Spend the time at the beach, in the mountains, watching a distant thunderstorm etc.).

Key point here: making fire to win the affection of a beautiful girl is in our DNA! Bonus if you collect your own wood (bring a hatchet and make sure its legal) and light the fire with flint and steel without any propellant! If you use friction, even better!

Wine tasting at a winery set on a river-gorge or overlooking some scenic landscape. Buy a couple of glasses, or a bottle, and have a picnic lunch with some nice quality meats, like presciutto or a quality salami, some nice cheese, fresh fruit, and an appropriate chocolate to accompany the wine (the deeper and redder the wine, the darker and more bitter the chocolate). My wife and I have done something similar to this on the Columbia River in central Washington state at Cave B. Sit around, talk about the beauty of the landscape, life, dreams, philosophy, family, or nothing at all and just take in the beauty.

Flying a kite! Sounds little kiddish, but hey, we got to let the little kid inside of us out sometime, and why not do it with the one we love.

1: My girlfriend and I went to the zoo in the winter time. Since it was cold, we were the only ones there, and a lot of the animals (such as the polar bears and the tigers) were actually more active than they would have been in the warmer months.

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