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It was great to bundle up and spend the whole day there. Along these lines, one of my brothers once took his wife to Disney world in the off-season, and they were just about the only ones there; they didn’t have to wait for a single ride. There’s something nice ashley tisdale dating zac about having a huge place like that to yourselves.

2: My girlfriend and I recently went to a playground after mass. It was surprisingly fun to enjoy the swings again for the first time since elementary school. She seemed to have a great time too, and keeps saying “we should do that again sometime”.

The best dates have to be planned, but flexible; adventuresome, but enjoyable; creative, but grounded.

Other posts have mentioned picnics, and that’s a great foundation. A skyscraper rooftop is preferable, but a greenhouse, library, or art museum are fantastic options if you have the connections to make it happen.

After the picnic it’s time to pull in something stimulating.

I’d shoot for a local factory or artisan shop to take a tour of. I spent one of the most enjoyable afternoons with my wife at a bell-making foundry near Phoenix. Google “Paolo Soleri” if you’re in Phoenix and want to check it out. A chocolate factory, vineyard, cheese maker, or carpenter would do just as well though, it takes a little research and luck to find the right experience.

The stained glass exhibit on Navy Pier in Chicago is another great opportunity. It allows for conversation, but also gives the opportunity to pause and reflect on the experience so you don’t feel pressured to have something to say all the time. If you’re super on-the-ball you’ll have an original way to get from the picnic to the next experience. Horse drawn carriage, limousine, helicopter, tandem bike or segways all are memorable.

After that there’s nothing left but a shared dessert. Any restaurant or grocery store can provide an opportunity for fun. This is a great place to get flexible, you can give her 3 sealed envelopes and ask her to choose one.

Each envelope has a different dessert destination in store. Or, for best results I’d pull out a recipe card and take her to the store to buy the ingredients together then head home to make it together.

Best date would be what my girlfriend and I did on our first date.

First I took her to a quiet spot in the woods next to a lake (but not too secluded, so she could feel comfortable), I put down a blanket and we had a picnic (the gourmet sodas scored extra points with her). We then went to my house where we built a fire in my front yard and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. And to cap it off we went inside, ashley tisdale is dating turned on some light swing and danced into the wee hours of the morning.

I met this girl and invited her to go on a date, we had some trouble picking the time (we both worked odd hours), so I finally said, “what are you doing tomorrow morning-early?” She said, “I dunno, sleeping.” and I said, “I’ll pick you up at 5, bring a pair of hiking shoes, and a bottle of water.” That morning I picked her up, and we drove up into the mountains. I gave her one of my headlamps, grabbed my bag and we hiked a couple miles in darkness up to this amazing lookout over the city and mountains all around us.

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