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Not that those arent fun…but sometimes you just want to go somewhere and do something that is really meaningful to your relationship. Here are the top 10 anniversary date ideas to get you started!

Get a sitter for the kids, find someone to take the dog, and take a trip down memory lane for the weekend. Walk your old college campus or visit the movie theatre where you first kissed. Being in the place where you first met will send all kinds of good memories coursing through you.

The air will be electric!

Id seen them advertised, but always thought…meh, I dont know if thats for us. Well, last December for our 10th anniversary, we booked a secluded castle-themed room at our local Anniversary Inn. We left the kids with grandma and grandpa for a day and being completely alone in a hotel room was intoxicating.

We showed up and the snow was falling slowly in giant flakes and the night seemed like a fairy tale. Sparkling cider and cheesecake were waiting in our room along with a jacuzzi that begged to be soaked in. Although we didnt even leave town, it felt like a vacation and a very romantic anniversary date without being cheesy.

If peaceful and secluded is your wish, rent a cabin in the mountains for your anniversary. Youll be together in nature without the demands of kids and work. Spend time relaxing together, head to the lake, and pack a picnic basket and blanket for a seriously romantic picnic in the mountains.

Theres nothing more romantic than a beach at sunset. If you want a memorable anniversary, rent a room or a small house by the beach.

The sound of the ocean and the cool breeze wafting through your room will melt the stress and take you back to those carefree dating days before life got so crazy.

You might get solo massages every so often, and if youre lucky you and your spouse might give each other the occasional massage. But how often do you get the chance to get a massage together?

For your anniversary, book an hour-long couples massage that is both relaxing and incredibly romantic.

If your style is more sporty or get up and go! then one of the best anniversary dates is getting tickets to a professional sports game, a concert that youd both enjoy, or a Broadway play. If you really want to make it memorable, plan a trip around it!

If youve been married awhile like I have, the memories of your first date are starting to fade. For a fun and meaningful anniversary date, recreate your entire first date—at the original locations if possible. However simple or grandiose, youll love talking about what you both remember about that date. If youre good, youll even remember what you each wore.

Make your anniversary special by booking a weekend ski trip. Hit the slopes during the day and then unwind to a hot tub and movies in bed at night. Order room service and take turns rubbing each others sore muscles.

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