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(After all, isn't that what parenting is all about?) Spend quiet time playing, reading, going for a walk, or simply listening to music together. And most important, focus on the love between you and on your relationship as a family.

Take time for yourself: Likewise, it's important to schedule time for yourself. Even if it's something as simple as reading a book, taking a warm bath, or having a chat with a friend, setting aside a little personal time will give you a chance to refuel.

Stay positive: It's easy to become overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and demands of single parenthood. On top of that, you may be experiencing the pain of divorce or the death of a spouse.

Despite all of your own feelings, though, it's important to maintain a positive attitude, since your children are affected by your moods. The best way to deal with stress is to exercise regularly, maintain a proper diet, get enough rest, and seek balance in your life. If you're feeling sad, it's okay to share some of your sentiments with your children, but let them know that they are not the cause of the problems -- and that good times lie ahead for all of you.t

Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics;; Parents Without Partners; Single Mothers by Choice; the Women's Institute for Financial Education

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It happens to the best of us brides-to-be: We do everything we can to ensure that the big day goes perfectly and then, seemingly all of a sudden, we turn into a giant ball of stress ready to crush anythingor anyonein our path. Hey, no one said planning a wedding was easy, they just said it would be worth it when you finally walk down the aisle into the arms of the love of your life. Not quite as blissfulalthough it sure has its moments. Its pretty much a full-time job on top of the one you likely already have, which, in and of itself, is stress-inducing.

Bottom line: If you find yourself stressed AF at times throughout your planning process, its totally OKand so, so normal. But if you feel like youre starting to drown in the unchartered waters asian and american dating edicate that have become your wedding plans, you might want to take a breather, or, better yet, a vacation. Here are some major signs that youre wedding is causing you unnecessary stressand what to do to find your calm .

If youve stopped doing things that you love and that make you happy, whether its exercise classes , spending time with friends or even taking long baths, because of wedding planning, its time to dial things back a bit. The best way to address this is to realize that wedding planning needs to fit into your life, not the other way around, says Angela Thompson, sociology professor at Texas Christian University. If your entire lunch break is devoted to wedding planning instead of socializing with coworkers or youre on a date with your fiance and constantly on your phone looking at wedding decoration, youre doing too much.

Maybe you dont have a wedding plannerand thats perfectly finebut you shouldnt be the only one riding and steering the ship when it comes to your big day. If your spouse-to-be cant be of help, hopefully youre able to rely on your bridesmaids, family and friendsafter all, thats what theyre there for!

Trying to do it all is a recipe for disaster, warns Lindsey Sachs, a wedding planner and owner of COLLECTIVE/by Sachs in Boulder, Colorado, and Minneapolis. Focus only on the items that excite you the most about planning your big day and delegate or hire a professional to manage the restyou wont regret it! This will allow you to actually enjoy what youre doing and have more fun in the process.

First thing first: The engagement period should be one of the most exciting and enjoyable asia tg dating times in your life together as a couple.

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