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Im talking that little black dress and his best sports coat. Go somewhere you feel fancy, like the ballet or an art show. Getting all dressed up together makes you feel like your relationship is special and worth dressing up for, even if you slip into your sweats afterward.

Hey, weve all got em.

Whether yours is skinny dipping in a cool lake or slipping behind a hidden waterfall—use your anniversary as an excuse to live out one of those fantasies youve always wanted to. No judgements here.

Whatever you choose to do for your anniversary, you must abide by the #1 rule: no kids and no pets allowed! If you have any other great anniversary date ideas, feel free to share them below!

One of every four American children today lives in a single-parent home.

And though the circumstances may vary (some parents are divorced, others are widowed, and others are single parents by choice), the reality is that solo parenting is often stressful, demanding, and hectic. If you are a single mom or dad, there are 10 things you can do to help minimize the stress in your life -- and bring back the joy of parenting.

Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc/Blend Images/Corbis Get a handle on finances: Raising a family on one income, or relying on an ex-spouse for child support, can be one of the hardest aspects of parenting alone. That's why it's important to take steps to budget your money, learn about long-term investments, plan for college and retirement, and, if possible, enhance your earning power by going back to school or getting additional job training.

Set up a support system: All single parents need help -- whether it's someone to watch the kids while you run out to do errands or simply someone to talk to when you feel overwhelmed. While it's tempting to try to handle everything alone, ask friends and family members for help. You could join a single-parent support group, or, if finances allow, hire a trusted sitter to help out with the kids or someone to assist with housework.

Maintain a daily routine: Try to schedule meals, chores, bedtimes, and other family functions at regular hours so that your child knows exactly what to expect each day. A consistent routine will help your child feel more secure and help you feel more organized.

Be consistent with discipline: Children thrive when they know which behaviors are expected of them and which rules they need to follow. If you are divorced or separated, work with your spouse to create and observe consistent rules and methods of discipline (there's nothing more stressful than having one parent undermine the other). If your child has other caregivers, talk to them about how you expect your child to be disciplined.

Answer questions honestly: Inevitably, questions asian and american dating edicate will come up about the changes in your family, or about the absence asian american single dating sites of one parent.

Answer your child's questions in an open, honest, and age-appropriate way. Make sure that your child gets the help and support he needs to deal with difficult emotions.

Treat kids like kids: With the absence of a partner, it's sometimes tempting to rely too heavily on children for comfort, companionship, or sympathy.

But children have neither the emotional capacity nor the life experience to act as substitute adult partners. If you find yourself depending on your kids too much, or expressing your frustrations to them too often, seek out adult friends and family members to talk to. Or seek counseling if necessary.

Abolish "guilt" from your vocabulary: It's always easy for single parents to feel guilty about the time they don't have or the things they can't do or provide for their children. But for your own sense of well-being, it's better to focus on all the things you do accomplish on a daily basis and on all the things you do provide -- and don't forget about all the love, attention, and comfort you're responsible for! (If you ever question your day-to-day achievements, just make a list.) If you're feeling guilty about a divorce or other disruption in your home life, think about joining a support group for other divorced parents. Focus on helping your child (and yourself) get the help you need.

Take time for your children: Even though the piles of laundry and dirty dishes may beckon, set aside time each day to enjoy your kids.

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