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He turned around in the room, glancing at all the photos on the wall. Tons of Delphine and her brother, a few small portraits of a girl with blonde hair.

This was Delphine's family, he had to get to know them if he wanted to be in her life.

"I was in the Hunger Games," Peeta said, causing the others to look over at him. He usually didn't talk about that when Katniss was around. "I know how to take someone's life, and if you hurt my daughter, trust me, you'll wish that the Hunger Games were still around."

"Now Peeta, there's no need to scare the boy," Katniss said, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. Katniss turned to Thamden, "then again, I was the more vicious competitor in the Game."

"Now who's scaring the boy?" Peeta asked with a smile. If he had ever before doubted his love for his wife, he sure wasn't doubting it before.

"I'm not planning on hurting her," Thamden tried to promise them.

But when it came to their daughter, not even Chuck Norris could assure them that she would be okay.

There was a creaking from upstairs, and soon enough, Delphine appeared on the staircase. Delphine smiled at them.

Katniss was watching Thamden to see his reaction to Delphine. He was looking at her in awe, as if he couldn't believe that she had agreed to go on a date with him.

"Delphine," Peeta said in an adoring fatherly voice as he held out his arm to her. She took it with a smile.

"Are you being nice to Thamden?" She asked her parents, making sure to direct it at Peeta.

She checked to make sure that the knives were tucked safely away in their holding block.

"Absolutely," Peeta responded, Delphine lowered her eyes at him but didn't call him out on the lie.

"Not so fast Delphine," Peeta said, "we have to go over some ground rules first."

Delphine rolled her eyes but sat down on the couch and gestured for Thamden to join her.

"I don't know, I like the sound of nine," Peeta said with a smile. Except her room for a few hours.

"I have to be home by ten anyway, so I'll have Delphine back here before then," Thamden interrupted them before they could change the time again.

"Daddy, you're wasting time," Delphine finally said, grabbing Thamden "My time. Thamden promises to asian and american dating edicate get me home at a decent hour, he won't touch me, he won't take advantage of me, he will be polite and nice.

And he will pay for everything," Delphine directed the last part at Thamden. There were no objections.

"Our little girl is all grown up," Katniss said softly as she leaned into Peeta's arms.

"It doesn't matter if she seventy with gray hair, she'll always be my little girl," Peeta said wistfully.


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