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Then, a friend gives her advice.

While many of us think that it would be a great idea to have a photoshoot with our young children, unfortunately they never seem to go as planned.

A young lawyer is interviewing for a job as legal counsel to an investor.

Immediately, he divulges that he paid back his father for his education in full.

These comics really get to the reality of owning a cat, better than anything I've ever seen before. They are also hilarious!

Laughter truly is the best medicine, so why not have a good laugh with these hilarious medical cartoons.

A man is after a broadcasting job, but his winking is jeopardizing his chances - He needs some aspirin!

This 84-year-old man has a 22-year-old woman at home, but he seems a bit confused about getting back home to her.

This song celebrates the beauty and wisdom of older ladies in a hilarious way!

Jim Benton is a cartoonist and illustrator who has managed to capture life with young kids perfectly. Take a look at his hilarious drawings.

A handsome young man during the reign of Solomon spread false promises to women throughout the kingdom.

A man and a woman are both in a sleeping carriage on a train, but the man is feeling cold and decides to ask for a blanket. He isn't prepared for the response..

A couple have an argument at bed-time, so the husband takes himself off to the couch.

It isn't long before the wife decides to make amends.

A family is at the lawyer's office for the reading of the will of its deceased patriarch. Cousin Dan is also along for the reading, but he isn't well-liked.

When an airplane captain accidentally leaves the plane's intercom on, all of his passengers become privy to what he intends to do when he's on the ground again.

We all know there's a honeymoon period when it comes to marital relations, but what about the other stages.

Some jokes asian and american dating edicate are so dumb that they are actually hilarious and make you laugh out loud. Below is a selection of such jokes!

These hilariously terrible translations will make you laugh your socks off!

Mr. Bean has to go to the hospital , but soon realizes that he will have a pretty long wait.

The pictures you're about to see are so permeated with irony that they are scarcely believable.

Here are 29 of the most ironic pictures you'll ever see.

A newlywed couple are about to consummate their wedding night when the husband decides to lay down the law. He couldn't predict what would happen next.

Our cats and dogs sure make Christmas enjoyable, but they also fill it with plenty of mischief too, as these wickedly funny cartoon comics illustrate.

Whitey is in the fertilized asian american single dating sites egg business, with several hundred young hens laying eggs for him. The roosters, on the other hand, were far less numerous.

Monty Python performed loads of hilarious sketches, but only this one gets me out of my chair and secretly practicing my own silly walks!

When a married man arrives home early from work, the last thing he wants to find is a household in chaos. It turns out Uncle Ted is to blame.

For asian american seniors dating singles this magician, a talking parrot was the last thing he wanted ruining his act.

Church on the Move take the classic song "Bohemian Rhapsody" and add their own hilarious twist to it. You really need to give it a watch.

This cat 'singing' opera will make you laugh out loud and will definitely brighten your day.

So this is what your dog is doing when he has the house to himself!

Check out these 15 pictures of hilarious things that people have caught their neighbors doing! We challenge you not to laugh your head off!

When a woman calls in a contractor in order for him to conduct some home improvements, things begin to get weird fast, but there's a reason for his antics.

An old, tired looking dog keeps wandering into the house next door.

The owners decide that it's time to investigate.

This hilarious stand-up bit really hits home on the subject of aging, and how young people really don't get it.

If you ever drove by these incredible road signs, would you know what to do?

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